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Gate Climax Particularly Hammy




The climactic conclusion of Gate has woefully arrived, delivering one final action scene of epic proportions before parting with viewers in a particularly cheesy fashion, and of course causing many to wonder about the possibility of a 3rd season…



















































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  • I didn’t think it was possible to ruin Rory, but they did. In the first season she was a badass with hilarious quirks but this season they made her stupid moe. Hell in the latest episode, they got her horny for the sake of making her erotic instead of just making her the blood thirsty Demi god she is.

  • I don’t know about a season 3 but I think a couple of OVA’s and possibly a movie maybe coming. They tied up some loose ends but still have some unfinished business (Bunny Queen, the idiot Prince and his 3 generals, and the Dark Gate chapters). Plus rumor has it that the author of the light novel maybe doing a part 2 to the novel. Hopefully the popularity of the anime, light novel and manga will be enough to keep it going. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the next couple of months. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Didn’t read the manga this far nor the novels but the anime was simply TERRIBLE at portraiting Zolzal, Tyule, bunny girl from Alnus or basically anyone. There were so many plot points that were started and then dropped, it is ridiculous. Whoever wrote the storyboard this season needs to be banned from ever doing this job again. If you run into time constraints, cut unnecessary scenes. That bunny girl assassination attempt? Went nowhere, results in falling in love, what? That scene with Zolzal and little brother discussing how Zolzal is actually pretty clever and only acts like a buffoon? Forgotten, Zolzal now believes his own act. Little brother never seen again. It feels like all the characters were rewritten in the last 8 episodes just to make this ending possible. Begs the question why would they even make a second season so soon after the first, of course, the answer is money. They even end the show with the first opening as if to say “Remember when this show was good?”.

  • from my understanding they finished ONE VOLUME behind the light novel so there isn’t anywhere near enough material for another season unless they went completely off on their own….so I think the best we can hope for for a while will be some fanservice OVA or something

  • Nice to see so many pairings taking place at the end. Several guys seem to have found love in the Special Region, with Itami leading the bunch with his harem of like 5 girls. Of course, one girl is his slave, one is his ‘daughter’, one is a demi-god and one is 15. So should he ever actually pair off with any of them, Pina seems the most likely choice. And since he’s now a noble in her world, it wouldn’t be completely out of the question.

    • Huh? Itami have “only” 5 girls, all inappropriate as partners?

      Let’s see a draw:

      He’s technically married to Lelei, and she’s old enough to be a (barely legal) wife even under Japan standards, while in the Gate World, even that Sherry, at 13, is old enough to be married.

      In other hand, he’s technically the Rory’s Companion, and that’s the closest that can be between a man and godness-to-be even if she looks like 12 in hers 960.

      Practically, is his duty, in the Gate World, to jump on their bones.

      Also, let’s remember that he’s Dark Elves Patriarch, then is his right to claim for impregnation of any Dark Elf woman. Note that they given him not only Yao, who is something like a quick & handly snack, but ALL of their women. The whole thing.

      In other hand, he’s now Count or something, into freaking three kingdoms, making him the perfect asset for any of Gate World’s walking-talking pussy, aged from 12 to 960, starting with the Empress (now) Pina Co Lada.

      He’s got all the girls from Gate World, Gentlemen! Literally!

      Yet he have problems with getting its favorite DJ…

  • The ending although open suggested that A-1 probably won’t do a third season. Pina taking the throne, their likely being a civil war in the empire and the JSDF there in the background you could probably assume that the JSDF will support Pina for the sake of peace and everyones happy.

  • Wow, they didn’t even finish things up with Tyuule, looks like she grew addicted to Zolzal’s cock and fell in love with him or some twisted shit like that and can’t just get it over with, murder his fat ass and start her life anew.

    • I was really hoping to see her take the Prince’s ass out and then leave with the others. During the whole fight in the thrown room she just stood there like she was in a daze. She needs to kill his ass and get her thrown back. If the Cook spy would have had a chance I think he would have taken her with him because he knows what she has gone through. Maybe it will happen if there’s a season 3 or some OVA’s or a movie.

      • I’m expecting the cook mole to be the one to notify the base if Zorzal wants to try something in the future.

        …Though, this may not necessarily work out in JSDF’s favor. I think Tyuule knew something’s wrong with him when she looked at him with contempt in that scene when Zorzal picked him up as his personal chef.

  • I loved the 1st series, possibly in my top 10 (and I’m a pretty savage critic). But the 2nd series was just a mess, and is one of the most disappointing anime’s I’ve seen in ages.

    If you compare the storyboard for first 10 episodes against the storyboard for the next 14, it goes from a fairly tight, logical sequence of events, to random crap that jumps all over the place for totally contrived reasons. A real let-down.

  • The female characters went all down the drain the past few episodes, not that they particularly well written to begin with. is this the same in the source material, or just random anime “women have to cry, because they have no power”?

    • The empire is a reflection of the state of our own world several centuries ago, when women’s rights were almost non-existant. It only makes sense for Pina to be shown that way.

      If you demand ALL fictional works to feature strong, independent women all the time regardless of the context, perhaps you’re better off remaining in tumblr SJW cliques.

    • What did you expect? Outside the kitchen is completely foreign territory for them…

      Jokes aside, true, female characters of this show were for the most part had as much impact as red-shirt mooks, and that’s saying a lot. I feel the author tried to give them a small impact, like with the yellow-haired loli, but in each case in the end they had to rely on their male counterpart to do the manly work.

      Except for Rory, she’s awesome.