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Brave Earth: Prologue Promisingly Perilous




The latest retro-inspired platformer “Brave Earth: Prologue” has showcased an abundance of hardships with its first trailer, an unsurprising fact considering the game is being developed by the infamous creator of “I Wanna Be The Guy“.

The trailer, thankfully devoid of any hilariously unfair deaths:

The game will allow players to take on the role of up to 3 different characters, each of which have their own unique style of play and level designs – those who want to support Brave Earth: Prologue can do so by voting on its Steam Greenlight page.

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  • Well, at least it’s not another hyper-abstract pixel stick figure game. I do wish that people who make these kinds of games would at least level-up to the 16-bit era though. I mean, it’s one thing if you just don’t have any artistic ability, but from the level of detail shown here, it looks like the artist would easily be able to handle an expanded palette and higher resolution.

    No one expects Dragon’s Crown or Metal Slug-level graphics, but I don’t really get the hard-on for the 8-bit era, especially if you’re going to break the illusion with 60fps and multiple parallax background layers.

    Take the upcoming game EITR, for example. The pixel density is maybe only slightly higher than this, but the richer palette arguably makes the game look a lot better.

    • I like 8bit art, it can be done well even in the modern era. Just look at how awesome Shovel Knight is. They were a team of talented people and they still choose that style. Of course if you look on Steam for “retro” platformers there’s a ton of 8bit shit games with bad art and bad gameplay.

      I hope this game will be good because I love the NES Castlevania games (1&3).

      • BEP Dev here,

        The leap from 8 to 16 bits is a very large one and a leap in resolution even larger than that (Think why KOF took forever to size up their sprites and then dropped them for 3d models :P). It’s not a matter of skill so much as time. I’ve done okayish 16 bit style sprites and, after spending years doing this, I’m sure I could do even better now, but it’s the factor of time. No matter how good you get, doing lo-fi is going to be faster. So it’s basically a choice between content and fidelity: A short, great looking games (which might have limited animation too because of that) or a lower fidelity game with lots of content.

        Also to be truthful, my anatomy is a good bit weaker than my other artistic skills. So as resolution scales up, struggling with that becomes harder and more time consuming. In the art style here, I’m practically working in gestures for animation and that allows me to have a lot of animation (>_> Too much for the NES, but whatever). I might one day do something with a wider palette space and color allowance, but I would go 3d before I ever went really nicely detailed. 3d fits my weaknesses better (anatomy only needs to be nailed once and if I fuck something up, I can fix it without having to redo every asset ever).

        But yeah, the lo-fi thing I think (I haven’t talked to a lot of other devs about this) seems motivated less from nostalgia and more a practical/workflow thing. I think most of us, as much as we love old games, would rather make things that were modern looking if we could get the results we wanted in a reasonable about of time.