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Resident Evil 20th Anniversary Interview




Capcom have celebrated the 20th anniversary of their highly acclaimed Resident Evil franchise by having an interview with producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, causing more dedicated fans to hope that a clear answer will be given as to why the franchise has steered away from its survival horror roots.

The informative interview, which thankfully has English subtitles:

Future videos are currently being planned, and will involve other critical team members and their duties.

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  • Stop making excuses, stop warming up the same shit over and over again and stop raping a franchise could be a start. Until than I play Biohazard 1 + 2 and Dead Space. ใ•ใ‚ˆใ†ใชใ‚‰

      • 1 is really great, but 2 is the best game in the series, the third place is RE3.

        RE4 is the first game that kills the series completely, it takes away everything that made Resident Evil so great and made it into a action game with zombies

        5 Followed that and ruined it even more, they tried to fix it with 6, even said that they had looked at the series as a whole and just took the aspects that made them so great.

        The problem was that they had only taken aspects fro the 2 worst games in the series, 4 and 5, so they failed miserably yet again.

        It even failed so hard that they even made a team whoยดs only job was to check everything and find out what made RE6 fail so hard….

        • I honestly loved 4, but not as an RE game though- if that makes any sense.

          I feel like the new control scheme worked much better for a much wider audience. Making it more approachable to more players is a wise business move. It’s not a bad scheme for horror games either- see Dead Space.

          The problem was it wasn’t the RE experience you were used to. Sure you had to conserve ammo a little bit, but it wasn’t a problem for most of the game. Maybe early game you couldn’t really waste shots, but towards the end you would often have multiple stacks of ammo. You didn’t have that tense feeling of “I’ve got a shotgun with 2 shells and um… 6 pistol rounds, and there are definitely way more than 8 things out there that want me dead. Some of them are probably gigantic. Shit.”

          Also the QTE’s were cancer. I readily admit that.

          What I want to see is a remake of 1, done in the 3rd person control scheme, but with that same ammo scarcity and tense survival, and all the scares rearranged so no one is ready for the dogs to come in through that one window.

  • Resident evil become more active and lost it charm. The original you need to watch your every step ,every use of item and not waste any bullet cause one wrong move and you’re dead. There are lot of surprise eg. hunter that can cut of your head. And seem to be unbeatable boss. I got eaten by that giant snake countless time until i can beat it with only a knife. I think the game can be more action but surprise and life threaten must kept cause it core of survivor horror.