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Are you sure cause Im pretty sure they got that right, I maybe wrong though.

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  • Sweet Thief Caught Sticky-Handed:
    Oh god it’s a real life Gaius from FE:A.

  • Netflix Live Action Death Note “Blasphemy”:
    Um dude, it’s on Netflix. That means tweens/little kids will go omfg aweessummm!!! while watching on their parents Netflix accounts, but anyone above the age of 18 who isn’t a bumbling retard will have concerns about the movie.

  • AI YouTuber Kizuna Ai: “Our New Overlord is So Cute!”:
    You are 41 and looking for someone to rape?

  • Yorha No.2 Type B Cosplay “Actually Trap”:
    I don’t understand, do people not care about faces at all? One glance, and I saw it’s a guy, and it’s fucking gay too.

  • Sweet Thief Caught Sticky-Handed:
    I find it odd they went through to trouble and cost of doing a DNA analyses on such a small crime? Or maybe they just said they did. I’m not sure which is more petty the crime committed or the police wasting money on forensic analyses on a trifle. Esp when they once considered what was clearly a ritualistic assassination by crime syndicate a suicide. I guess the Japanese police only pursue the easy and safe …


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