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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X Shows It All




Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X and all its Vocaloid service has been unveiled by way of an hour-long livestream, giving those still on the fence one last opportunity to decide whether or not they want to include one more Vocaloid-themed object in their lives.

The hour-long livestream footage:

Sega’s launch trailer for the anticipated Miku title:

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X will unleash its musical magic on March 24th for the Vita, while its PS4 version will debut later this fall.

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  • Can’t help to feel disappointed with this game, I hate how everything is a live concert now instead of a music video it makes it seem more bland and less unique. Plus the fact you have to wear random mismatching costumes just to get a higher score.

    • Are you high? Vita craps all over smartphones and their crappy games. You obviously haven’t played a Vita, or any good games on it, as the graphics and resolution are quite good, and everything I’ve seen on a phone either looks like crap or drains the battery faster than the whore drains your wallet.

      • do you really think that sony is really doing its best designing portable devices? Why every sony smartphone flagships should have at least full HD resolution but not the game industry flagship handheld? Is making a full HD display so hard for a handheld?
        I didn’t said that you should play on your smartphone I know that a real game expriment requires more than a touchscreen. Most flagship smartphones of 2014 are more powerful than vita in both cpu and graphics. is that so hard and expensive designing a handheld with technology of 2014?
        I don’t know about the battery of vita and yes your are right i didn’t played on vita. but my iphone 6 give me at leased 4.5 hours of intensive graphic gaming. I bet vita offers the same time. but bro I know what shitty pixel is graphic and how greedy sony is.

      • I didn’t mention buying the game. I will never buy a ps3-graphic level game releasing on ps4. Actually I think considering the shitty graphics the game itself deserved to be released on Vita.In a second although being totally wrong I just felt sorry for those who can’t wait to pay for shitty graphic games for ancient consoles. thanks to great concentration of these shitheads in Japan the industry still releases upscaled ps2 graphics on ps4.