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    • well that maker her yuri by definition , although the anime has more of a yuri undertone, than being openly yuri… it’s also kind of parodic, so not too absolute anyway ๐Ÿ˜€

      the only thing that bothers me is : what is Clarion exactly anyway? she’s supposed to be human but she acts quite robotically ๐Ÿ˜

      • My guess is maybe she’s just socially awkward, given the way she talks and the fact that she (I’m guessing) chose to have cat ears installed — ones with tactile response, no less. Might be a result of spending a lot of her childhood in Sahar’s lab or something. Maybe her cat silhouette “form” is supposed to be a visual metaphor of her socially awkward moments?

        I’m digging the GitS influences and references though, like the “hatch opening scene” that seems to be in every GitS spin-off. I actually believed for a second that they’d do it.

        Oh, and of course for some reason there’s the mysterious Resident Evil mansion filled with pointless puzzles.

        I hope this gets a second season, or at the very least a proper closure to this one.

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