Yandere Simulator Goes Clubbing




The newest build for unique stealth title Yandere Simulator has gone in depth about the game’s multitude of clubs and their benefits, which will indirectly lend players a hand toward eliminating the competition and help make one aspect of the arduous game easier.

The update video:

Yandere Simulator and all its updates can be followed via its official website.

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    Comment by Anonymous
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    Comment by Anonymous
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    Yan-wait for it-diary

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Otakus of the World aside, I know my sister and her friends loved the idea of YANDERE SIM... Only in a MAHOU SHOUJO variant. as far as YanSim, I think the author simply needs more programmers, artists, game designers, markets, etc. Essentially, the operation needs scaling up so more of the busywork can be done be lower level employees while the software and game engineers at the top can direct and design the frameworks for new stuff and streamlining/revising the old. Its what happened at my last job several times.....

    This may not be the problem, of course, but it bears the symptoms of it.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    It's a one-person team and he isn't making a Touhou game while drunk off his arse.

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:08 18/03/2016 # ! Neutral (0)

    He already gambled that possibility and presented it to people. It was not the most voted solution for, so... not going to happen.

    Comment by Anonymous
    02:59 18/03/2016 # ! Neutral (0)

    Not in there, thats where my poop comes from.

    Comment by Anonymous
    02:57 18/03/2016 # ! Neutral (0)

    Yes raep me me deeepper master popp poo poo popu pupu

    Comment by Anonymous

    Harvest Moon: Yandere Edition.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Now with the option to add fertilisers...using the corpses of your romantic rivals.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Futa simulator when? #futabubuchou

    Comment by Anonymous

    Sometimes I feel that if he spent half the time he used to make all these videos on the actual game itself then he'd be done by now.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    As it goes, will release on the same date HALF life 3 ...

    Comment by Anonymous
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    I don't think you understand how hard it is to program a game of this scale, BY YOURSELF
    and the currents builds are not hidden behind paywalls like kickstarter, gofundme, or pateron

    Comment by Anonymous
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    You think those videos take long to make..? Please... You overrate video making while belittling videogame programming, which is several times harder.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    I'm not sure you know whats goes into programing a game of this scale, BY YOURSELF...
    and considering the current builds arn't hidden behind paywalls like patreon, kickstarter, or gofundme...

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