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Itaspo Dakimakura “The Pillow That Reacts!”


The newly created Itaspo hug pillow has seemingly broken boundaries in “otaku” technology as the device will apparently speak to its user depending upon how it was touched, a revolutionary development that will likely make non-talking dakimakura obsolete and possibly cause lonely otaku to further remove themselves from the human gene pool.

Developed by Koichi Uchimura, the hug pillow was originally a crowdfunding product asking for a mere ¥500,000, though the project ended up receiving mass notoriety and finally accrued over ¥3.7 million in proceeds.

The Itaspo supposedly comes with over 500 unique phrases, all of which will play at designated times according to whether the pillow was gently caressed or heinously groped, and these responses can even be exchanged completely for whatever audio the user desires by uploading to the device.

Previous videos describing the pillow’s many capabilities:

The Itaspo will officially go on sale April 1st, those looking to make a purchase can buy the sensor along with a pillowcase here, whilst those only interested in the sensor can buy just that as well.

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