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Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Boasts Bountiful Breasts




The imminent release of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus in the west has summoned forth a myriad of trailers introducing more of the franchise’s never-ending supply of voluptuous shinobi, sure to rile the western SJW gaming media cabal into more feats of journalistic integrity.

Crimson Squad trailer:

Gessen Girl’s Academy trailer:

Hebijo Girl’s Academy trailer:

Senran Kagura Estival Versus will bounce its way to the west for the Vita and PS4 on March 15th.

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  • Sjws are a cancer that will be dealt with in time just wait till november when emperor trump gets elected sjws will be on suicide watch as they have to face the terror known as reality. As for the gaming industry its gone to shit just keep on supporting devs that wont bitch out to the sjw bs and stand their ground these cucks are cowards the day of the rope is coming for them lel

  • Feminazi/SJW already put in censorship (remove age) for the “think of the children” and removing subtitle. They are laughing creepily at who pre-ordered.

    Feminazi/SJW Red Book 2016 version first page indicated that age below 40 years old = underage.

  • My order is shipping from Amazon just in time to piss off the SJWs. And I hope that Ikki Tousen DLC comes to the west, love to see clothes ripping showdown with Katsuragi and Hakufu.

  • No offense to Senran Kagura or Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni, but I think the combat is far more simple in Neptune U/Blanc+Neptune VS the Zombie Army is far better with combat controls. Sure, you can’t touch any of the girls, but you can pull off Viewer Mode and take countless pantsu pics of your girls. When the girls’ clothes come off, they apparently become more powerful in combat. Also, it seems that Senran/Valkyrie Drive grade you based on how well you did; you can’t take too long or you cannot take too many hits or whatever, but Neptune U/Blanc doesn’t really seem to care, everything is also very fast-paced action wise.

    • Nepu was always the poor/lesser man’s RPG. No higher-def visuals, epic award-winning story, nor ground-breaking battle system. You buy the games for stupid cute fun and that’s it. It’s pretty much why i love it as much as any AAA game out there.

      • I have to disagree, due to a lot of the Nepu games doing very well in Japan, although that is your opinion. I play the games for, yes, the fun, the story, the characters, visuals, etc. I see nothing at all bad about this series or franchise. It isn’t like it has to do what everyone else is doing. It will gather certain amounts of fans regardless and it already has so I’m fine with it.

  • don’t have either system to play this yet but I may buy it now just to give a fuck you to the sjws. If you assholes can stand sex in live action media (seriously, look at late night fox these days) then why is it so bad in a fictional realm?

  • Stop playing the victim, and stop painting this false SJW narrative. The culture that you keep playing up is virtually non-existent and seems to be used as either a fear tactic or click bait. No one anywhere near the mainstream is saying anything negatively about this game, it is what it is. If I sought out criticism, I might be able to find something, but the opposition to specific titles like this is not a loud one at all. It stinks so much of the way FOX News in the US writes their own false narrative on gun control and abortion and family values to scare and manipulate Republicans into blindly following them to doomsday. It’s divisive and manipulative and I don’t want to see parallels anywhere- specifically not in one of my favorite hobbies and concerning some of my favorite titles. SJW did not keep Tecmo from bringing DOAX3 to the west, projected sales did. They’d love you to think it’s out of their hands, but it so very much is not. XSEED can bring games like this to the US without censorship and they are able to turn a profit. Somehow they are able to weather the storm for their fans, surely through great sacrifice and immense peril, right? Tecmo is just lazy, and by creating a global stink, they don’t even need to worry about bringing it to the US and Europe, they know fans will just import it and they will be able to make up any lost sales that way. Keep playing into their hands, though. Keep perpetrating stereotypes and contributing to the very real problem of online harassment and violence against women. By continuing to fall back on this stupid argument, you are a part of the problem.

    I am a proud feminist and believe in protecting women and a society that allows them to speak freely and feel safe and comfortable, and I also happen to love highly sexual Japanese video games. THESE THINGS ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE, YOU INSULT MYSELF AND A LOT OF OTHER GAMERS BY PRETENDING THEY ARE.

    • Kotaku (SJW Journalist HQ) have an obvious SJW/feminazi clickbait right now for this game.
      It is incredible that you are covering them up. You love highly sexual Japanese video games, but you think you are feminist so you have to speak up for those radical feminist and SJW extremist and SJW Click Bait Journalist? It is absolutely no logic in their brain, and in their mind they try as hard as they can to link every virtual content with girl to male masturbation as fast as you can say the F word, and they scream pedo, sexualize underage girl all the way during discussion.

    • “SJW did not keep Tecmo from bringing DOAX3 to the west, projected sales did.”

      Tecmo Koei did not say this…Play-Asia did and when they did the most overacted reactionary bullshit happened when they made a fucking quib and every gaming journalist cried foul.

      If it wasn’t SJWs why did they overact to a joke in the first place? The only reason they weren’t getting any sales is because they are overly expensive.

    • “SJW did not keep Tecmo from bringing DOAX3 to the west, projected sales did.”

      You already got it wrong!!! Stop protecting the gaming media. It was the gaming journalist media which most people were against in the first place, every top 10 misogynistic game list which has the list had DOA titles around the top 5 or even the first where Rockstar games should of been top. How is DOA even misogynistic at all? You don’t beat up women, you don’t even go around objectifying them as they are willing to do it since they are models… Gaming journalist has gave us there view in their rose tinted glasses and almost everyone fell for it.

      “Keep playing into their hands, though. Keep perpetrating stereotypes and contributing to the very real problem of online harassment and violence against women.”

      You keep on thinking there is only 1 type of feminist, like there is only 1 type of religion and one type of political view.. there isn’t. It’s because you don’t even acknowledge it at all means your just as much as part of the problem as everyone else.

      Like what Pericles said ” Because you don’t take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics take an interest in YOU!!”