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Final Fantasy XIV Developer Diary Talks Lore




The legendary Square Enix have released another developer diary discussing the “irrefutable brilliance” that is Final Fantasy XIV, with this latest entry focusing on the story and lore – a highly important aspect of any MMORPG that most players certainly do not skip over or disregard completely.

The in-depth developer diary:

Final Fantasy XIV’s vast and well thought-out world can be abused by players now for the PC, PS3 and PS4.

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  • What content? No really, because 4 months it takes to release new content only makes for about 2 months worth of actual playing. Maybe. And we get idiotic niche content like LoV, which nobody asked for, and looked like it took up the entire development team to make. Not to mention most of 14’s development has been split to work on 15 and 7. The content 14 is delivering is infuriatingly lacking, and artificially elongated with stamina draining fights, or purposefully grindy gathering of materials for gear.

    It’s getting pretty hard to want to keep playing it.

    • You could always subscribe for 2 months, stop paying for 2 months and repeat..? It could actually be a good thing that the game’s content can be played in a shorter amount of time. MMORPGs are infamous for being huge time sinks if you want to play them and enjoy the full experience, leaving you no time to play other games, but FF XIV would not be that much ofa time sink because of this, so… see the glass half-full, I guess.

      • I mean the problem I’m facing is that I WANT to play it more, but I don’t feel like the game wants me to play it. The only content options aside from daily beast quests, or daily experts, are the most grindy, most boring, content imaginable? That or hardcore raiding. There’s little middle ground, and there’s no solo content at all except to crafters.