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Danmachi Spin-Off Anime Announced


A spin-off anime has been announced for the surprisingly popular Danmachi series in the form of an adaptation of the “Sword Oratoria” light novel, which focuses on the adventures of the lovely blonde Aiz Wallenstein, with there being seemingly little chance that the anime’s previous characters (such as the notable boob-ribboned Hestia) will make a return.

The anime adaptation was unveiled at GanGan GA Fest 2016, although Hestia fans will have to make do with the previously revealed OVA, sure to have more of the gorgeous goddess:


Not much else was mentioned about the upcoming adaptation, but readers of the light novel will possibly be the most informed in regards to its plot and direction – and the Sword Oratoria light novels will be obtaining an English translation by Yen Press starting October.

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