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Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates – “Much Treasured Chests!”




Compile Heart’s suggestive new teaser site has finally unveiled their newest upcoming game “Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates“, a breast-based pirate RPG that will have players scavenging the seas for booty and likely boast colossal amounts of service along the way.

Future interviews with game producer Norihisa Kochiwa will apparently divulge features regarding a “system that breaks limits (Genkai)” and “pai-raising”, seemingly implying some sort of mechanic surrounding the enlargement of women’s breasts a la Omega Labyrinth.

Little else has been revealed about the Vita series, though the upcoming issue of Dengeki PlayStation will supposedly contain more information about the game’s loli pirate girl and other characters; in addition, Dengeki are also planning an event for March 13th that will unearth even more about the naughty title.

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