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China Elevator Woman “Starved To Death Over Month”


The corpse of a woman trapped in an elevator for a month has been discovered in the Chinese city of Xi’an, maintenance workers having shut down and locked up an elevator in the building in which she lived – all apparently without bothering to check properly whether anyone was inside.

The incident led to the maintenance crew being detained for further investigation of their negligence, with police pursuing the middle-aged woman’s death as a case of involuntary manslaughter.

The workers initially arrived to the building to check on a glitch with the system, turning the lift off on January 30th whilst paying no mind to any who may have still been inside it, with the corpse of their unfortunate victim being discovered a month later on March 1st by another crew who had arrived to conduct further repairs.

Reportedly the woman, who lived alone in the building, went unmissed and showed signs of trying to escape her prison, before succumbing to the inevitable (whether starvation, or more likely, dehydration, is not clear).

Such elevator-centric incidents are sadly not as uncommon as might be hoped in China, a nation still struggling to come to grips with the concept of conscientious maintenance despite its rapid rise…

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