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    • Anonymous says:

      Did we see the same trailer? Cause the only scene with panties was at the beginning, and it had them covered by the “ON SALE” in the top left, and then the same image without the “ON SALE” at the end.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would honestly love to know WHAT the point of Punchline was. The “he can’t look at panties” thing was only played up for the first few episodes, then they realized they couldn’t have a fanservice-y show with such a premise (ie: Earth explodes every two seconds), so they shoved a shitty plot into the mix.

      The ending and the reason for the show’s conflict were utter shit. Things finally go right for the main character and they just kill someone off (the reason for which is idiotic)? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE POINT OF IT ALL THEN??

      It’s a damn shame too because everything else about the show was great: the art, the animation, the music, the voice actors, EVERYTHING…except the damn plot.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, anon, it is you who decided that this was “fanservice-y show with such a premise” and forgot to turn your brain back on, after it become apparent that it wasn’t the case. Thus your frustration and confusion.

      • That basically was how I felt, but you’ve got it wrong, there was nothing wrong with the plot, but the delivery and the payoff. There have been more ridiculous plots with full payoff and even pulled off a similar concept and growth at its base such as Gurren Lagann.

        Orson Scott Card’s quote is still my favorites, “Give the audience what they want, but not in the way they expect.” This is a simple premise that covers everything you need. Everyone wants a happy ending and characters to win, everyone wants love, everyone wants conflict and resolution, and everyone wants everyone to live happily ever after. This is the case for literally everyone. The only reason they think otherwise is when they don’t feel the characters earned it or are too campy so their suspension of belief is violated, which is why I call it an ‘earned happy ending.’ The conflicts don’t even have to be life threatening and on more than one occasion my favorite animes or stories have not a single character dying but are more dramatic than others that do.

        The issue is when you lose focus on your own universe where even the best story loses its cohesion, and it’s true hard mode to bring it back. Not impossible, but if you can’t maintain cohesion, you’ve trapped yourself.