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Pantsu no Kakikata: “How To Draw The Panties”


Aspiring illustrators seeking to obtain mastery in the art of sketching pantsu need look no further than Ichijinsha’s upcoming guidebook “Pantsu no Kakikata” (“How to Draw Panties”), offering advice for perfecting the illustration of the most lascivious of pantsu.

The book boasts tips for drawing a wide range of female underwear, but those wishing to up their game in regards to male underwear are thankfully out of luck:






The guide’s attempt to educate growing artists is indeed a noble one, considering the abundance of artists who seemingly never had the opportunity to learn some rather vital concepts

Pantsu no Kakikata and its educational endeavor can be realized March 17th, with its sequel book “Oppai no Kakikata” (How to Draw Boobs) due to arrive sometime in April.

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