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Akiba Business School “Degrees in Anime & Doujinshi!?”


The Tokyo School of Anime (a school that provides education for animation, voice acting and other otaku-centric hobbies) has announced that it will be opening another school entitled the “Akiba Business School”, which will specialize specifically in pop culture and the entertainment industry – finally allowing otaku to profit more directly from their shady interests.

The Akiba Business School will reportedly offer a total of six majors: Maid & Cosplay Business, Anime Event Staff, Doujinshi, Idol, Anime Producer and Idol Producer, all of which are bound to offer some interesting if obvious career directions.

Cosplay parties and the like, as well as the ability to join clubs dedicated to interests such as dubbing and anime songs will apparently be a staple of student life, along with a chance to even join either of the school’s two idol groups:




Applications are being accepted now (though for only a few of the majors for the time being), with information sessions being scheduled for March 5th, 12th and the 19th at the Tokyo School of Anime in West Kasai; those itching to further their education as otaku can sign up at the school’s official website, and classes start April, 2017.

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