Sword Art Online Becomes A Reality: “VRMMO Announced!”




Universally popular VRMMORPGFPS anime Sword Art Online has at last obtained a VRMMO of its own thanks to gaming powerhouse IBM, with the game supposedly using a novel control system new to the gaming world – and given the usual results of such boastful claims, it could either prove to be revolutionary or the next rival to the Virtual Boy.

Initial statements by IBM have revealed that the game will utilize the player’s body as opposed to a physical controller, which – as any who have experienced motion-control before would know – might be rather less responsive in the real world than the developers might expect.

A teaser trailer for “Sword Art Online: The Beginning”, from its official site:

Applications are being accepted for a prototype alpha test, so those itching to witness this “breakthrough” in gaming technology can sign up now – the test is slated to be held in Tokyo between March 18th and March 20th, and only 208 applicants will be accepted.

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