Final Fantasy XIV Patch PV Absolutely Massive




Final Fantasy XIV has blessed its sizable player-base with a PV of its upcoming 3.2 patch entitled “The Gears of Change”, showing off the gargantuan new boss and all the new content and items that MMO fanatics will likely clamor over, a thoughtful gift unlike those titles which charge for such content

The in-depth 8 minute PV:

Final Fantasy XIV’s update will unleash the might of “Sephirot” on February 23rd for the PC, PS3 and PS4.

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  • You can’t compare DoA5 DLC costumes to Final Fantasy XIV. Two reasons.

    DoA5 is not an MMO.
    DoA5 does not need a monthly subscription to play.

    You just can’t compare two extremely different types of games.

  • Enjoy your next round of grinding wheel, doing the same dungeons over and over (and over) again – but dont worry, there will be a hard version of it soon as well, to do them even more!
    Also those “Simon says” bosses must be fun as well.
    And soon you can look like everyone else again with your gear where the stats dont mean anything – only the level number on the gear.

    • Keep in mind Grinding might not be your thing, but some people enjoy grinding.
      I love how pessimistic your views are.

      But yeah, keep on telling people what they should like or enjoy. Cause that will definitely change the world for your liking. Good luck!

      • shush, that’s because they grind in the wrong way and alone. They missed the “multiplayer” part of this game. Seriously the good part of MMO is to play it with your friends or even total strangers that you just met really. If you play MMO and don’t do the social aspect, you doing it wrong.

        That and to most people that actually play this game and other MMO, this game is not that grindy as you will reach substantial level for your characters simply by doing the main quest.

        This is due to the fact that this game is not a free-to-play where free player will essentially get lower xp. This game is subscription base which SQ doing it best to ensure that within a month that you pay for, you’ll progress much further than free-to-play game while still making the game challenging.

  • Quit a long ago, when they took away all the good event rewards and put them in the microtransaction store, and the implentation of flying mounts. Dumbest idea ever, you can only fly in certain zones, and in order to fly in those zones, you have to basically finish everything in that zone before hand, so by the time you can fly, you’ll never be going back to that zone.

    • They want you to explore the area befor flying, that part I think it’s ok. And what are you saying you will never go back to an area? Most people do hunt, gathering, fates, treasure maps and other job quests, so you WILL go back. The events rewards I agree, the last reward was a hat… Microtransactions are for past events items, minions, rare dyes, and 3 mounts, everything is for looks only.

    • Wow… you’re a fucking dumbass.

      Each year each event gets new rewards and the old rewards are put into the cash shop for the people that missed out on them. If you’ve already participated in an event you can rebuy any event items you tossed out at an in game npc for super cheap. All of the event items are purely cosmetic and often quite goofy enough looking you hardly ever even see people use them cosmetically.

      And you’ve obviously never played the game if you think that people will “never be going back to that zone” after unlocking flying. Progressing through the story and unlocking each zone will at best level up a single job to the cap. You’ll be going back to pretty much every single zone afterwards for any subsequent jobs, new main/side quests, treasure maps, fighting Hunt enemies, gathering crafting materials… really you’ll be going back A LOT.

  • And, like I said before, everyone (except the article’s author, hopefully) conveniently ignores the success of this game, in pos of mantaining the “FF/SQUARE SUCKS!” cult/hive mentality around this site.

    Go on, do not mind me, I know I will be ignored/discarded in pos of the same objective.

    • Not everyone believes every Final Fantasy title is the best game ever though. FFX-2 was awful and the most pointless sequal of all time. FF12 was awful as it had no plot, and was basically an offline FF11. The FF13 trilogy got progressively worse with each title. And let’s not talk about the cashgrab spinoff titles on the 3DS.

      I’m sure I’ll have a few people agreeing with this, but the older FF titles were generally the better ones. Before Square Enix started to care more about graphics over making a good game + story.

  • Datamined content from PSO2 indicates that Phantasy Star Online 2 and FFXIV will be releasing collaboration content around the time of this update.
    All of the FFXIV relic weapons have been recently found in PSO2 game data.

    • I honestly can’t believe anyone plays that shitty Korean game that came out 5 years ago with no English support. It’s hilarious. There are so many better games than that garbage. Even Koreans quit playing years ago.

      • B&S is a great game.. story/combat system is really nice because you cant just be lazy like on tab target games you really need to get involved in the fight and this goes for TERA also.. I did play FFXIV for a while i got bored and moved on besides TERA and B&S are free to play =D

        • You’re one of those scrublords that failed on Titan for months on end and gave up aren’t you? I maxed out on B&S in 2 days time and had all the endgame content on farm in less than 3 days after that. FFXIV was never that easy or boring from level 1. And this is when we have almost everything that Korea has currently except the recent 50 level cap and Warlock and like 5 dungeons. That is all we don’t have after 5 years of the game being out. There is no way I would complete everything FFXIV has out from new player at level 1 to current max content on farm in even in 4-5 months let alone a week. And I say this knowing FFXIV doesn’t even have the most content or longest “grind” of any game out there. 9dragons won that fight years ago until they sped up the leveling a ton a few years ago. First player in that game to max level (at that time) took over 2 years to reach it and that is only maybe 2/3 of the max level currently. Too bad they sped up the leveling because people complained about the grind so much. Guess you can’t please people no matter what you do.

  • Same shit as every boring un-innovative patch before it that will be cleared in 2 weeks and people will be bored for the next 3 months. The only redeeming thing about that trailer was Hildebrand.

    • I mean, if you rush content to be the on the very first group of people to have the newest, shiniest items, then of COURSE that happens. I personally never had that issue while playing the game, and ran out of things to do only once for about 2 weeks, which was mostly my fault anyway.

      I cannot even imagine how you would be “bored” with the game right now. The amount of content is crazy.

      Alternatively… you can always, you know… not pay for the game the next few months and play something else. That works, too. Nobody forces you to play if you are the rusher type of player.

  • I have a copy of the game when it was on Humble Bundle a few weeks back.
    I played the Beta a little bit and it was fun enough, but Im not sure if I would want to play the game or not, if only because I am not sure how the PvP experience is with it. I particular like Battleground PvP gametypes along the lines of WoW Battlegrounds, and World PvP is also a fun element, though with the latter Im not even sure if this game has factions or not.

    Then again I dont have the free time to play any MMOs right now between work, school, and other hobbies =P

    • PvP has it’s ups and downs. Currently there are three modes with a fourth being added at the end of the month. All PvP is optional and arena based and not world based.

      The original Wolves Den mode was a 4v4 arena battle. The arena was a bit small and the fights tended to focus on rushing certain classes to weaken the other side first, fights were simply to the first team wiped out.

      The second was Frontlines, a large scale point based battle with variable team sizes based on how many people were queued up maxing out at 24v24v24. It’s focus was on slaughtering the other teams while also fighting over optional objectives around the field against NPC enemies for additional points.

      Third was Seize, same scale as Frontlines but this time the point system is based on fighting over and holding flag points that spawn and despawn around the map as the match progresses.

      The upcoming fourth is The Feast, sort of a hybrid of the others it’s an 4v4 or 8v8 in a larger arena than Wolves Den and with a point system like the other two so you’re not simply rushing to see who can take out the other teams healer first.

    • another shitty thing is that if you have an account and have purchased copies for the PC or windows version, you will still have to purchase versions for the PS3/PS4 if you want to play it on those consoles. Which again does mean the base game and expansion.

      They used to have a thing going to upgrade your PS3 version to PS4 but I believe the time limit for that ran out at the end of the year in 2015.