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My Little Sister Can’t Be the Spokes-Model For Youth Voting


Befuddled youths mulling their political choices (due to suffrage now being granted at 18 rather than 20) have received a spokeswoman of sorts to aid them in their journey to becoming fully enfranchised pawns, in the form of Ore no Imouto’s Kirino Kousaka, a most bizarre and unfitting choice of “campaign model.”

Kirino will make an appearance in information booklets (illustrated by Tsukasa Fushimi) at election symposiums to help educate the mob, additionally aging its heroine in the process into an 18-year-old woman, removing most of her appeal to the target audience in the process.


Just how this will actually lead to young voters making more politically informed choices is of course open to question – although they could scarcely do any worse than the usual political reporting in Japan.

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