Star Ocean 5 Trailer Introduces Emmerson




A trailer for Star Ocean 5 has introduced fans to Emmerson, a party member taking the form of a 41 year-old drunken womanizer – an original concept to be sure – but still likely fitting well into the stereotypical role of “unexpected savior”.

Emmerson’s personal trailer:

Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness will unleash its drunken womanizing for PS4 and PS3 on March 31st, with a release in the west due to occur later in the year.

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    • This game is set between Star Ocean 2 and 3. It also doesn’t involve Earth at all. Also, calling the universe a videogame is a bit of a simplistic term. The Eternal Sphere was basically a big simulation used for entertainment purposes by the 4D beings. However, the games ending implied that the beings of the 3D universe gained became real, as in Lucifer(His name got changed to Luther in English) couldn’t delete their souls.

      Surviving deletion though, as in the universe suggested two things.

      1) The 4D beings were able to restore the 3D universe, and simply cut ties with the universe after what Lucifer did.

      2) The “I think therefore I am” comes into effect and the souls of every being in that universe brought the universe back into existence and essentially it became real. Thus the 4D beings were unable to reconnect or manipulate the universe as they no longer had control over it.

      Personally I would like point 1 to be true, because the Missing Procedure stuff from The Last Hope sounded quite interesting and I’d like to see a game based in 4D + 3D space resolving that plotline. 4D beings would be better placed to deal with it.