Bloodborne’s Saw Cleaver Finely Forged



Notoriously difficult action title Bloodborne has become the next series to receive a flattering tribute from “Man at Arms“, who have masterfully forged the game’s unique Saw Cleaver and given players of the infamously impossible game a means of releasing their frustration on hapless bystanders or their console.

The wicked blade’s forging process:

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  • just stop to promote these people. Just stop. They lack an eye for the detail. Probably because they lack the skill. So what do we have in the end? Ah, yes. Clouds sword that rusts.Steel that is not forged. It is cut out. And a shitty show and stupid fanboys not even realising when MAA shits on them.

    • I am not sure if they can make a living just by posting youtube videos. You see how many people they have working in the youtube projects? I believe they don’t get paid to do so. In fact, they must have their own jobs to do and family to feed. They donate their free time to do all these works. They may not be prefect but they have been doing great works and they have made many great pieces. Not to mention they can get hurt and 1st degree burn etc You should start appreciating for what they have done and stop complaining.

      • I seen some of their videos. They don’t capture the weapons in their right detail, still impressive nonetheless. Then again, weapons from videos games, anime etc weren’t suppose to be made practical in real life. The absurdity of wielding one is ridiculous. So they are more of a ornament really. But the folks in the video made theirs in the justification of being practical.

    • I sort of agree to an extent but not in your way.

      They refer to the Saw Cleaver as an axe or “Bloodborne” in the video. They also designed it as a heavy weapon, while its actually a light weapon. Compare the Saw Cleaver to the Moonlight Sword or the Hunter Axe and you get the difference in weapon “weight”.

      Also, although they implemented the mechanism they didn’t try to cut with the weapon folded. Probably afraid they’d cut their hands, so that’s understandable at least.
      Its probably too big and too heavy of a build, and this is why they didn’t wield it one handed, like its supposed to be held.

      ! The Saw Cleaver is never wielded with both hands. And thus, I have to say that they sort of failed there. Like their Berserk Dragonslayer sword from Berserk that they even mentioned in the video.

      Nonetheless, appreciate that they forged it.

      • Video game physics is ridonculous though. Steel at such size isn’t something anyone wants to swing around with one hand, forgetting even the notion of if they can or not. Not to mention if they injure themselves, be it a pulled muscle or worse, would make them unable to work in their profession at least for a good while.

        When Man At Arms made Cloud’s Buster Sword, most of the sword was made with aluminium because the weight was ridiculous. That one is even worse as far as resemblance goes, but kudos to both teams with their work.