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  • I like the show because it tells us what old candies they used to have in the 70s and somehow still around today. As for people thinking why dagashi are still around, its a freaking anime its not real you baka

  • So I just watched the first episode, can anyone explain to me the setup? what is so special about the dad? he just owns a retail candy store, right? and his son has the power to… tell you which candy to sell? and the knowledge how to make you stuff accessible to your customers? how didn’t this shop go out of business? I… this is just a advertisement wrapped in anime, similar to that marshmellow thing, right? I can’t… what is this? what is happening? madness descends upon me…

    • You must be an idiot if you take anime as other than fiction. His dad isnt famous via that youtube so why would hotaru want to recruit a hick village candy seller. His son is a retard as well, he can take over the store and sell it to fund his dreams whatever that is. And why is saya the only coffee shop run by kids?

    • Technically its just a big candy advert, but it does tell the history of the candy and fun facts.
      Its just about a candy store in the “sticks”. The dad wants to pass the candy store down to the son but the son doesn’t want to run it. The dad also has money problems/debt as running a candy store in the sticks isn’t paying the bills and can be seen often working other jobs or trying to get rich by other means while his son minds the store.
      Hotaru comes along (candy lover/candy addict/crazy person) and tries to convince the male mc to run the store and we often see the male mc is very passionate and knowable about candy even though he denies wanting to run the store. Throw in some comedy and that’s the gist of the show.

      • I got that, but the part where the crazy Hotaru comes along and want to hire the dad, apparantly, is what baffles me. they say “he is famous” and “so, he is famous, did not know that” and that’s it? famous for what? aaargh! xD

        • It hasn’t been revealed yet, hotaru may just think he is famous or is famous among small candy shops I don’t know.
          The son want’s to be a manga artist and can often be seen drawing.
          And the dfc childhhod friend that has feeling for the male mc but is afraid to confess and male mc is to dense to realize it.

    • If you’re wondering how small town dagashis can stay open despite such narrow profit margins in a country with negative birth rates, I think the answer is “many of them don’t anymore”, though I know from my “extensive” knowledge of the subject (from watching/reading NON NON BIYORI) that some dagashi offer other services like being a post office or package depot and I think some of them also have a small amount of groceries and household items, for communities too small for even convenience stores.

      • Also, out in the “sticks” land is probably cheap as balls, just like in most other places. Japan might be infamous for ridiculous property prices, but that’s really only in the cities.

        Renge in NonBi mentions that her family “owns a mountain,” and her older sister is seen tending to family farms and such, even if a lot of that is probably inherited.

        In addition, I’m guessing a lot of dagashiya are basically storefronts built into peoples’ houses, so once they own/inherit the property, they don’t really have much else in the way of payments other than minor utilities and food.

        Shit man, I don’t know why he doesn’t inherit the candy shop. It’s not like he’d really be that busy. House is probably paid off, candy shop brings in small profits, and he can draw manga while he’s tending the counter.

        No payments, small profits, easy living, free time… and if Hotaru keeps coming, well, why not? Or is owning a dagashiya harder than I’m making it out to be?

    • It’s not an anime for everyone. It’s generally aimed at people, who were once kids and had limited pocket money and time.

      Back then, they had to spend their money on the best lasting candies. Usually something they could creatively play around with.

      Combine that with some lighthearted humour, and that’s the show in a nutshell.

      Even though Hotaru comes off as your typical Miss Fanservice character, she is pretty knowledgeable… And crazy, which makes the show overall better.