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Atelier Shallie Plus Trailer Talks Incessantly




The latest trailer for Atelier Shallie Plus has revealed some of the game’s additional episodes and their wealth of new content, unfortunately giving viewers little more than vague dialogue, although hardcore enthusiasts for the original may be more than ecstatic at the fact that new content even exists.

The wordy trailer:

Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea will begin its adventure March 3rd for the Vita.

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  • Thanks, I really do agree with your comments about the Plus editions to the Atelier games. I know that I really shouldn’t bash on it but, if Gust can make the series better WITH the Plus editions, then by all means make more. Unfortunately I will not be buying those, due to me having stupidly figured that a new PS3 Atelier would come out and I was all giddy like a Naruto-crazed kid waiting fr the next installment and the turn around and laugh and pull that shit. Hell, a better port of a game is good, no doubt, but I really don’t wanna spend more money than I already have when I first bought their damn games. Yes, they are very good games with very likable characters (no, not you, Sterkenberg, give Rorona a break, she’s just a kid, you know, take it easy on her for fuck sake…) and seeing a new Atelier game does make me happy….just not as happy. I was around the series when it was ported on the PS2 (we never got the PS1 Atelier games, I don’t think: Marie, Elie, etc or others on later systems) and I played the shit out of Atelier Iris Eternal Mana-never cleared that one yet, but I cleared Atelier Iris Eternal Mana 2-Azoth of Destiny, and that game was VERY DAMN AWESOME. Loads of extras, too. I really played the hell out of Ar Tonelico 1 and cleared that one as well a d it was another fine example if Gust’s awesomeness to me, while not necessarily an alchemy game, it was a very decent RPG. Didn’t go much further than that, however, I do have a Japanese PSN so I can look back on all of Gust’s classic Atelier titles and a few of their other games and maybe that will calm me down a bit. I don’t hate the company nor do I hate their Plus editions of Atelier games. If they can make this series available to many fans regardless of which editions they pick, then they really are doing something right.

  • I’m glad that you guys are commenting about this because for a very long time I was really upset when I had bought a few of the Atelier games for the PS3 (Rorona and Meruru) and then they decide to later make PS Vita Plus versions and add all-new content. I still own Meruru and Rorona and I’m fine with those…I think. Will I miss anything if I don’t play those titles? It isn’t like it is going to change the games all that much anyway….right? They did say that the story and character-driven dialogue is apparently a lot more enhanced, and giving you a bigger picture than what the former game offered to you…if that was the case, then why the hell dd they not put that into the ORIGINAL titles?! I apologize for my rant…the same thing happened when I bought Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360, but that’s obviously another story. Carry on.

    • Well, the Vita versions of the game get released much later than the originals. In the case of Ayesha, it was almost two years later. So why don’t they put those things in the original? More time = more opportunity to create new things. If you create something, two years later you’re bound to come up with some new ideas.

      As for why they don’t offer it as DLC for the original version, who knows? Maybe they’re getting a kickback from Sony, or maybe the changes to the port are significant enough that’d it’d be too much work to re-port to PS3 at a palatable price point.

      That might sound like bullshit at first, but it’s important to note that the PS Vita runs on different hardware, and thus different capability. The Vita games could be running on a heavily modified game engine, for all we know.

      So you really have to ask yourself if it’s worth waiting 1-2 years for a few extra sidequests and characters/bosses, and on top of that paying full retail price on a completely different platform (with possibly worse framerate). If you want to find out what you’re missing out on, well… do some research.

      If you had fun the first time, the re-release of the game isn’t going to alter the past like in Back to the Future and suddenly turn your past experience into shit.

      Even if you’re like me and own both a PS3 and Vita, it’s not hard to wait for the Plus version when there are dozens of other games being released in the meantime. Doesn’t the average gamer have a pretty sizable backlog anyways? Or am I delusional?

      Ports have been going on for decades, and is nothing new. It used to be, and still is commonplace that companies make ports for games with absolutely nothing added to it — and here people are complaining about ports with a few new features.

      The Atelier series have been releasing Plus versions of their games since 1997 — almost ten years ago — so it’s not really anything surprising unless people just aren’t doing any research.

      • The irony is that if they released a plain port of the Atelier games on the Vita, there’d be less complaints. Fuck, they might even make more money since they’d have to spend less time (and salaries) making new assets.

        I’m not really one to white-knight a game company, but if a game company makes improvements to a game, isn’t that generally a desirable thing?

        … unless you want to believe that they’re withholding content for years just for the Vita port.

        • They’re basically treating initial buyers as beta testers in the same way Bandai Namco treated Xbox 360 owners as Beta testers for Tales of Vesperia when they re released the game with expanded content + new playable character + scenes on the PS3.

      • Wow, my sense of time is fucked. It was actually 1998, and that’s more like 20 years ago, not 10.

        Yeah… so Plus ports are 18 years old, and here people are acting like it’s some new “shady” practice when an enhanced port is released some years later.

  • Proving that people have absolutely no reason to support any Atelier game on release because Gust will just release the completed edition as a “Plus” release the way the game was meant to be.

    • Or you could play the original, and then ignore Plus when it comes out. That’s what I do. By the time Plus comes out, I’m busy with other, newer things, so it doesn’t matter.

      If you get too hung up on waiting for a more “complete” version of a game, you’ll miss out on actually playing the game! Plus, Game of the Year, Collections, and all those other monikers are to entice late comers.

    • Pretty much… I hate them, seriously… It’s a complete tear in two because I enjoy the games and the general concept as a simple and fun casual game with characters I enjoy, and yet they keep pulling this billshit. I wouldn’t be as angry if they released the extra content as DLC, it’s an age of DLC, and it’s simply what it is. They can patch the game on PS3/4 with the new content and sell it for $5 and I’d get it and replay the games.

      It just seriously is a shady business practice, and whoever decided to do it is a pure asshole. They may see the numbers from those of us who support them and buy the originals, but they steadily make us hate them. All they need to do is one thing wrong and trust is shattered because of this fucking practice.

      • Robert D Viewing says:

        DLC isn’t a shady practice but companies abuse it the wrong way. A game is suppose to be completed on release then if they want to work on an extra cool expansion they can release it bit by bit as DLC. A Lot of companies release an incomplete game then release DLC which should have been in the game, all for extra money.

        Personally I prefer just outright having expansions, but DLC when done right is good.

        • I wasn’t saying DLC is a shady practice, releasing a game with more content right after just releasing that game on another platform is a shady practice unless you reward the original players with the same content. It is more work, so I am willing to pay, but this shit pisses me off what they do with the Plus versions