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      • Oh shut up will you!

        This show could of been a great series if it wasn’t so rushed and we don’t want another valkyrie drive! I mean don’t get ne wrong in terms of fanservice and art it did great as it appealed to the audience but in the case of the story it was complete utter cliche shit no different than harems without a guy being beaten by overly abusive women. This show’s light novel and manga has a very intiriguing(sorry if that’s spelled wrong) story its that they’re doing a horrible job with this adaption. With the way its being rushed and how they are constantly making the plot less of a plot and focus on the fanservice plot, this show will be another absolute duo.

    • Out of interest, whats the story like in the novel? good/bad/so-so?

      I started watching this series because i quite like mecha-themed ones. First episode was okay, even if i’m not a fan of the whole ‘magical sword summons a mecha suit from nothing’ aspect of it, but it seemed okay.

      Did get hugely put off this series in the second episode though when the lead character pulls a god-level mecha out of his arse and kills several hundred enemies, of the type that they could barely defeat one of in episode 1, in seconds. Such ludicrous overpower just negates all interest in the battles as it’s just a yawn-worthy case of this mecha beats all, always…

      Is this level of boring combat likely to continue? Or is it worth sticking with?

      • Well, Lux being the best fighter by a wide margin even before the series started will continue, the excuse being he’s too powerful to attack with a normal mech without destroing it together with the enemy, so he has to use the special ones.
        I found the story in the novels nice, if not anything specially good, the reason being the coup d’etat. Lux being the one who planned and executed it (and the treason games in that) being both the hero and the villain at the same time for both sides worked quite well, but it’s being utterly crippled in the anime. Anything that’s not fighting or showing tits has been cut and character and story development is suffering a lot.
        Try the novels if you have any interest in this and don’t doubt to drop it after each whole volume. It does not improve, just expands the same thing present in the former ones.