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Danny DeVito Desired For Great Detective Pikachu




The recently revealed trailer for the upcoming “Great Detective Pikachu” has been garnering massive acclaim, so much that overseas fans have been petitioning for Danny DeVito to serve as Pikachu’s voice for the unconfirmed English release – an unlikely outcome considering the success record of internet petitions.

The title will feature a talking Pikachu cohort (a rarity amongst Pokemon) who will serve as the player’s companion in regards to solving various Pokemon-related mysteries, essentially ruling out murder and the more gruesome crimes given the franchise’s general E-rating.

The original Great Detective Pikachu trailer:

The edited petition version with Danny DeVito’s voice:

The Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo can start sleuthing about with its arrival to the Nintendo eShop on February 3rd for the 3DS; those interested in supporting the petition (currently boasting a terrifying 35,000 signatures) can check out its official page.

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