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Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Story Trailer Rather Redundant




Nintendo has revealed the newest trailer for their upcoming Zelda: Twilight Princess HD remaster, milking yet another beloved Zelda classic for all it is worth, but bound to have the more mindlessly dedicated fans blindly overjoyed regardless.

The trailer, retelling a tale that those who have played the game are already familiar with:

The remaster does at least offer buyers a new dungeon – though only accessible if the player purchases the Wolf Link Amiibo; The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will make its twilight descent on March 4th for the Wii U, with Japan to obtain their version on March 10th.

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  • I was thinking of getting this…until they put the new content behind an Amiibo paywall. Really? I’m so sick of these things. I just want to play games, not to be strong-armed into buying other items to get what *should have been in the original game*. There’s no reason the only new content requires an Amiibo.

    Remember the days when you got a full game just by buying the game? Nintendo doesn’t.

  • Some uninformed people are saying there’s no difference in this game. I say hook up Twilight Princess on a 50 inch screen on the Wii and notice how blurry the game is. Now look at this game and notice how well defined the textures etc are. It’s now non blurry.

  • Nintendo isn’t even hiding their blatant re-releasing of the same games over and over anymore (hey, kids, are you ready to fight ganon again? Ya see, it’s different because this time your companion is a hat).

    Well, if it works, it works.

    • Ehhh. I’d say the PS4 is even worse with the constant re-releases. How many remasters and HD re-releases have we gotten on the PS4? Way too many.

      This generation is bad in general when it comes to re-releasing last gen games as glorified HD remasters. A lot of creative bankruptcy and sheer laziness this gen. It’s disappointing.

      • I hate to say it, but this is wrong. Re-releasing has been Nintendo’s central strategy for ever now. Even if other people are only doing this recently, I can’t think of a time where Nintendo did anything different than they do now. It’s just that it’s gotten more severe over time because people encourage Nintendo to keep doing it instead of anything new.

      • I don’t really see why people have a problem with rereleases. I mean, if it’s a shitty port job sure but like if people want to buy a rerelease of an older game for the newer console then let them. Who gives a shit. Buying the actual older games often costs more because they’re rare so there’s really no harm in it.

      • There’s also the lack of mind boggling graphical improvements over the last gen. I think everyone would have been better off postponing the current generation of gaming for at least a couple of years. Just imagine if this generation was launched with virtual reality.

    • It’s not a cashgrab if they’re improving it. While there are some things they could have done, but haven’t. This game will look a lot better on HD screens than the Wii edition. That’s enough.

      • Enough? We want new games not the old ones in slightly (!) better grafic. And “better” is pretty discusable. Is it really better if I can see corners in HD when I saw nice round curves in the original?

      • So, exactly who at the time thought “Wow, this game would be so much better with slightly higher definition textures and a few subtle fixes here and there?”

        I’m betting on nobody.

        This isn’t a remake (ff7 remake for example), it’s just a lightly touched re-release and it’s a blatant cashgrab, among some of the cashiest and grabbiest Nintendo’s ever done.

        • @06:39

          You’re missing the obvious point that people buy Nintendo because Nintendo genuinely makes good games. Let’s ignore the spinoff cashgrab titles and look at the main series Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby etc titles. I doubt you could name one bad game there.

        • Nope, not even them. They just buy everything Nintendo releases, because Nintendo’s business strategy works, even if it’s really lazy.

          When you’re in a position like Nintendo’s (somehow gained and kept a large, loyal fanbase), you’re allowed to be as lazy as possible, because people will defend you no matter how lazy you are.

      • Twilight Princess was a Gamecube game until Nintendo abandoned the Gamecube, and decided that they needed a Triple A title to release on the Wii at launch. They’ll do the same with the next Zelda title watch.

        • Chen, the Wii processor is an upgraded version of the Gamecube one. This was why the console was able to run Gamecube games so smoothly. It was basically a Gamecube with a faster clockspeed + better GPU + more system ram.

          I don’t know how powerful the NX will be but some rumors suggest it could compete with the PS4/Xbox One, while some suggest it could have more power.

          Part of the reason the Wii U had like no ports was because it was undepowered. If they matched the Xbox One or PS4 the NX would get more games.

  • Higher resolution is great and all, but I wish they’d do something about those jagged character models. Higher polygon count should be more than possible with the WiiU’s processing power. That and make the bosses more difficult, give them a revamp like they did with Majora’s Mask 3D.

      • I’m pretty sure the NX is not going to be a “next generation” replacement for the Wii U. The Wii U came out just three years ago, and Nintendo tends to release new consoles on a roughly six year schedule.

        The 3DS, however, is already almost five years old, so I would expect Nintendo to be looking to debut a new portable device relatively soon. Of course, they described the NX as being a “brand new concept” so I wouldn’t expect it to just be a “next gen” 3DS either.

        One possibility is that it could be a portable device that can also run games made for the Wii U, so that games made for one could run on the other as well. If it could stream content to a television, it could also act as a refresh of the Wii U system.

        I’m not sure why anyone would expect another Mario Kart on the Wii U though. Nintendo has always released just one Mario Kart game per console, so the Wii U probably won’t get a second one, unless perhaps the aforementioned unification of the console and portable device were to occur.