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Sankaku App 1.4: Comments & Personal Recommendations

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Version 1.4 of the Sankaku App is now out, bringing full comment support, personalised post recommendations for each user based on their favoriting and voting history, and the regular slew of minor enhancements.

The new features to grace 1.4, the best Sankaku app ever until 1.5 next week:

Comment support: Read and post comments from anywhere (or the app main menu and post displays at least), just as on the site.

Personalised recommendations: Posts recommended for each user based on their favorites and voting history are now available in the app, via the main menu. These are normally updated at least on a daily basis, and it may take a short while for the first recommendations to be generated for a new user.

Performance optimisations: Various screens should now render more quickly, and memory usage should be further reduced.

Bug fixes: Minor issues relating to the interface, stability and translations have all been addressed.

It is freely available now in both Black and White editions.

Questions, quandaries, qualms and quibbles are all welcomed via email or comments.

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