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Nami Nude Mod for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Surfaces


Nami of One Piece has obtained a tribute courtesy of esteemed modder “Art-Of-The-Body”, who has craftily forged a lascivious nude mod for Nami as she appears in “One Piece Pirate Warriors 3”, which should help to be a nice change of pace from its redundant Dynasty Warriors-esque gameplay.

A transparent bra, along with full nudity of both the girl’s top half and nether regions feature in the mod, allowing the skilled fighter to engage in combat completely unburdened while players gain the ability to play one-handed (an easy enough feat considering the title’s similarity to Dynasty Warriors).

The mod is available via the creator’s DeviantArt page, “TexMod” is required for applying the mod but thankfully the creator has also provided a short guide on its usage.

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