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IdolMaster: Platinum Stars Gracing PS4




The next entry into the highly revered IdolMaster franchise has officially been named “IdolMaster: Platinum Stars”, sure to boast more illustrious singing and dancing than ever before, and most likely accompanied by several times the purchase price of the game’s notoriously pricey DLC.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has given potential buyers some insight into the game’s plethora of enhancements, such as the drastically improved models for its wondrous idols and readjusted camerawork to better accentuate the game’s thrilling concerts.

Few new features have yet to really be revealed however – the title apparently playing very similarly to the franchise’s numerous predecessors, as the player assumes the role of a producer to direct an aspiring idol to stardom, copping a feel or two along the way in a watered down depiction of the “pillow business”.

Idolmaster: Platinum Stars is currently in development for the PS4, no launch date has yet been revealed.

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