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Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial Highly Inspirational…




A special Pokemon CM reserved for that holiest of American events the Super Bowl has been revealed early courtesy of the official Pokemon channel, apparently emphasizing determination and having little to do with Pokemon itself despite the CM commemorating the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

The CM:

Considering how popular the franchise already is, just how much more notoriety can be squeezed out of this prime advertising spend is open to some doubt.

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  • What USA watchers thought with this video: “Wow, so Pokémon was acknowledged and used for a Super Bowl commercial? Not many get that privilege, they must be proud!”

    What some people elsewhere thought: “Huh, so they deemed Super Bowl important enough for Pokémon to spend time and money on them? Who would have thought.”

    What the grand majority of watchers thought: “…what the actual fuck is a “super bowl”..?? A cereal bowl with a cape?”

  • I thought it was a coca cola commercial rip off at the beginning. They should have trolled the fanbase by having one trainer sent out a magikarp, metapod, and dunsparce going up against a wailord, arceus, and mewtwo…and winning…that would have been hilarious.

  • In the trailer you can see the region on the TV is Kanto, “Learn to Surf HM03”, a Nidoking Chess Piece, Volcano Badge on the Football Helmets, 2 players 19 and 96 (1996) running through the door, “Like no one ever was” written on top of the door, Rare Candy neon sign, and a Moomoo Milk ad.

  • These are the little pokemon references I (with help from others!) could find so far:
    1. Outfit of boy running at the start strikingly resembles Youngster Joey

    2. 0:02 Red and Blue carpets on the right of the screen references to Pokemon Red and Blue which were the first games to be released in the US. Also, the boy’s shirt is yellow possibly hinting at Pokemon Yellow

    3. 0:12 Boy runs past a truck with the writings “4 15 96” which was the day Mew was first distributed in Japan. There are some ancient writings on the truck referencing to the Ancient Mew card and these all acknowledge the ‘Mew under a truck’ rumour

    4. 0:15 Location on the tv says “KANTO”

    5. 0:15 If you look to the right of the “Breaking”, it says “Roadblock on Route 12”, referencing to Snorlax blocking the road in the Gen 1 games

    6. 0:15 Beside (3), it writes “Crowds flock to see rare fossil discovered at Mount Moon”, referencing Dome and Helix fossils

    7. 0:15 “Learn to SURF HM03” on a poster below the tv

    8. 0:16 “SURF’ poster appears again on far left of screen

    9. 0:22 Black NIDOKING chess piece

    10. 0:29 Football captain’s number is “20” referencing to Pokemon20

    11. 0:33 Blaine’s Volcano Badge on the helmets

    12. 0:36 The 2 numbers on the backs of 2 of the players make up “1996”, the year where Pokemon started in Japan

    13. 0:37 “LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS” Lyrics from the original Pokemon theme song

    14. 0:40 Moomoo Milk advertisement on the bottom left of screen

    15. 0:40 Rare Candy on a pink background on the right of the screen

    16. 0:40 ‘GAME CORNER’ on the bottom right of the screen possibly referencing to the Game Corners in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh

    more to come