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Ninja Training Courses: “Be Just Like Naruto!”




Nara City is playing host to some unlikely “ninjutsu training courses”, which seek to hone the ninpou skills of attendees and likely causing the most die-hard of Naruto fans to spill their shurikens in glee.

The academy offers training in a wide variety of combat skills such as archery, shuriken-tossing, swordplay, and the use of blowguns, the art of stealth apparently not being a great priority.

Attendees are free to bring their own equipment (most of which would be illegal it seems) or can borrow gear on-site, even allowing those who complete their training to brandish “ninja licenses” to show off to their friends.

Not unlike an actual college or university, students can even expect to find themselves deeply indebted, with the lessons costing about ¥2000 ($16) daily – more information can be found at the academy’s official website.

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