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Hypnos F*** Absolutely Mesmerizing




Bellzebubu have worked their magic yet again with “Hypnos F***“, an explicit title rife with scandalous hypnotism and the inevitable H that occurs promptly afterwards, even possessing some RPG elements to add some replay value, if “personal gratification” were not enough of a reason to play…

The story unsurprisingly involves the mistreatment of the protagonist by a band of misfit women, as said protagonist acquires otherworldly powers to at last exact his revenge in the most debauched fashion possible, the repercussions to all this of course being few, as with most eroge.












The unique title is fully-voiced and is available now.

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  • Actually bought this game before Sancom got around to posting it, and it’s really rather good. For those of you wondering if you should get it:

    The game is a combination of VN and very simple (timed) dungeon crawling. You’re given the power to control minds, and for god knows what reason you mostly use it only on two girls (though there is at least one other girl I WISH you could use it on.)

    However, the hypnosis is unusually realistic for this sort of game – while holding the girls’ attention with some kind of object (coin, pendulum, shiny bottle, lighter – you can buy more items at the store), you have to navigate a conversation IN KANJI (god dammit) and choose the right options to lure the girl into a trusting state. You can’t save during this and the sequence of questions is RANDOM, so good luck getting through this without Japanese knowledge. (However, there are only a few questions per girl, so even if you don’t, you’ll eventually memorize which squiggles are the correct ones.)

    Once the girl is hypnotized, you have options: you can make her give you money or items, you can perform a sex act with her right then and there (which get gradually more daring as you increase their brainwashing), or you can have her meet you after school.

    That’s the dungeon crawling bit: you get the ability to “Dive” into the girls’ minds and rewrite them. You do this by going through a short one-room dungeon where you ram into enemies to defeat them. Your goal is to reach the red sphere – doing that clears the level. You’ll usually have to beat a boss to get to it. However, there are lesser enemies scattered around (they look like zebras). Although they’re optional, killing them gives you more points/money/items and may unlock extra scenes, and probably another ending.

    Clearing the dungeon not only gives you items, it gives you a colour code (“Blue Blue Green” or “Purple Green Blue”, for instance – thankfully just coloured orbs, you don’t need to read kanji). This will be useful later.

    After the dungeon, you get to communicate with the girls using flattery, insults, and dirty talk. Each general topic of conversation is colour coded – purple seems to be saying complimentary things, for instance, while blue is insulting and green talks about the female anatomy. This is where the colour code comes in – if you talk in the right sequence, you’ll unlock a specific sex act. There are a LOT of these, each with 3 different levels of depravity and lots of variations depending on the items you have.

    Then you get to buy more items, and then the next day comes and the cycle repeats. Basically the game is a loop of the VN sequences (which also involve exploring the school – there are some other secrets to find), the dungeon minigame, and a sex scene (if you chose the right options.)

    Eventually you’ll get an ending, and I’m still not entirely sure what triggers what. However, there’s definitely something for everyone here.

    All in all the game is decent, if you like the look of the art (I do). But it’s a bit frustrating if you only have rudimentary kanji knowledge. Thank goodness your responses aren’t timed.

  • For people who are fans of seiyuu Hanazawa Kana (kuroneko, Nadeko,Hana):
    She’s been in ads promoting a cellphone for about a year, well her most recent ad was just released. Due to her popularity and success, she will probably never do an AV, but this promotional video is the next best thing, it’s basically her and multiple men Moaning and groaning for four minutes, especially if you just listen to the audio because it sounds like a bukake session. I will post the name of the video and you guys can copy and paste it on YouTube, seriously it’s worth your time!
    AQUOSの動画がどれだけ美しいか、花澤香菜で検証してみた(SHARP スマートフォンAQUOS)