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  • Looking forward to this. First game certainly was a repetitive, “press A to win”, and not really challenging RPG, but still a better crossover than KH or Infinity.

    Also just found out that KOS-MOS teams up with Fiora from Xenoblade and Lucina/Chrom are available as a pair unit. and Segata Sanshiro is here.

  • How sad that such potential, with all the characters, and well done art/pixel animations is just wasted with the mind-numbing ‘gameplay’ which is basically pressing an over-glorified play button.

    With animations like that, it could’ve been one hell of a DBZ Extreme Butoden.

  • The first one was a huge letdown for me at least. The characters were cool, but the gameplay was atrociously repetetive and tedious, especially towards the end of the game. I really hope they addressed some of the gameplay issues of the previous title, or else I’ll have to pass on this one.

    • Well, the Cross series have never really been very creative in term of combat.

      The very first one was similar. Never actually played it, but somegameplay footage seems to show that?

      Then the Frontier, which was an RPG, but uses pretty much the same combo timing element.

      I really don’t know what they could add to make a difference.