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  • Wow…I don’t usually criticize cosplay, but this was some seriously bad stuff all around. The model is fine, actually. Nothing particularly good or bad. The photographer should go back to class, though…

    1) Many of the photos show how the model was unsure what is going on or how to act. You can see in her posture and face that she’s not confident with what’s going on. It’s the photographer’s duty to address that.

    2) The tail. Oh god the tail. That looks awful – it doesn’t blend in with anything. CG is fine and can be done well, but this was like photoshopping an image over the existing one…it never works well, especially for this type of photo. It even goes right through the sheer curtain in the one photo.

    3) Why the half-bridal cosplay? I understand if it was a full bridal outfit, but why only halfway? TLR is ecchi, sure, but this was just lazy. The photographer might as well just done a lingerie shoot instead – (slightly) more skin but somehow less creepy.

    4) Why the lazy foot shot? Is this a serious shoot or for desperate foot fetishists that haven’t learned how to google yet?

    5) The field depth feels odd in some of the photos. The item is more of just a preference, but some photos have a depth of field that don’t really put key items you want to focus on in focus. Or at least I wasn’t sure what the primary focus was meant to be in them.

    Rating: 3/10 would not recommend

    Then again, I’d still love to be in his/her shoes taking those photos. That model… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Wow, instead of ranting about how amazing you would do those shots yourself like some professional photographer wannabe, why not upload something to prove your worth? And don’t talk as though such pictures is for business use to rake in huge profits because they are not.

      There is no restriction as anyone can post their contents online whether they are pros or amateurs. And you picked the wrong site to promote your so-called expertise not to mention forcing your own preference onto others by discouraging users from viewing them.

      And you said it, people came in to view the model (in a lewd way mostly) so who really cares about trivia flaws like those. This isn’t some magazine paid models or anything, it is mostly their hobbies.

      • First, I don’t need to prove my worth. Nobody does. Everybody is entitled to an opinion – amateur or professional. Second, I never said or implied anything about this being a photoshoot for business or to raise a lot of money. I have no idea where you even got that impression. I re-read the entire comment and nothing like that is in there.

        Yes, anybody can post their work publicly. However, this is a public forum and anybody is also permitted and encouraged to provide their feedback. This *is* one of many sites to do so. I am not claiming to be an expert or to push my preferences on to others. I have my opinion and I stated my reasons for having that opinion. You are free to disagree and reach other conclusions. But if you make false claims or attack somebody personally (as you did), then you are in the wrong. That is not wanted here.

        What you call trivial flaws, I call important. There are more than enough lewd photos on the Internet to focus so much on just the model IMHO. I think there’s much more to it than just getting an attractive model.

        Yes, it’s their hobbies. It’s also my hobby. A hobby I love.

        Also, by the time somebody could even see my comment, they already viewed the photos. So I can’t be taking away from that. Heck, even though I don’t personally like these photos, I encourage others to view them. Actually, you learn more from flaws than perfection, so it’s even better. Or maybe you might enjoy them, which is fine. Don’t take the 3/10 rating personally…it’s just a saying.

      • I’m just curious, but what is wrong with someone having an opinion? Also, how is this the “wrong site” for them to post about their opinion? Isn’t that what the comment section is for? I’m fairly certain there is no rule that says “if you don’t post something similar your opinion is invalid”.

        If you disagree with an opinion, cool. Say what you disagree with and offer your reasoning. However, when you start by automatically dismissing someone else’s ability to even have an opinion it makes it much harder to take anything else you say seriously.

        Lastly, as a clarification, no one is forcing their preference upon anyone else by stating an opinion. After you read the opinion it is still up to you whether or not you look at the pictures and either like or dislike them. Don’t let a simple opinion ruin your enjoyment of anything. ^_^ b

        • Thank you 21:28 22/01/2016.

          It is just my opinion and he’s welcome to his own. I stated my reasons for having that opinion and welcome feedback as to why a particular reason is incorrect or things I may have missed, or just to hear others’ opinions that may differ.


        • @21:28 well mate, the opener tried to impose his “expertise” onto others instead of just liking or disliking the pictures, if he/she were to brought up that last line more promptly, it wouldn’t sounds so off topic in the first place.

          That person disagreed with how the photographer did the job, meaning the photographer’s opinion is dismissed entirely when the line “would not recommend” was used. If you were the victim of this person, how are you going to take what was written seriously?

          Lastly, if one’s opinion doesn’t influence others, why are you trying to correct me then? Too bad, we are living in the computer age and sadly, most people nowadays instantly believe something without any clarifications. To be honest, I’ve been telling people the same thing over and over again but they still became agitated after reading comments that do not agree with them…

      • Yes, I do. I’m actually a big fan of the series and have seen it. But it still doesn’t quite look right IRL. I’m not saying the cosplay is bad. It’s done just fine and she loos good in it. It just doesn’t really work for a photoshoot IMHO.