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Dragon Quest Stage Event Highly Promising




The esteemed Dragon Quest series has obtained a PV for its live action stage play event in honor of the franchise’s 30th anniversary, naturally featuring a slew of nostalgic costumes that will surely touch die-hard fans and possibly even raise the bar for stage play events.

The promising PV:

The event will come packed with special effects, song, dance and more; its first appearance will be in July, being held in Saitama, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, and Yokohama over the subsequent months.

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      • I have to disagree, the context of it is something that puts it in high contrast to the excitement of the other shots so looks a bit ridiculous admittedly.

        When I saw Distant Worlds at Otakon a few years back, as soon as a real harp began playing the Final Fantasy chords in an auditorium packed with people, with a live professional orchestra playing something I had been made fun of for my young life as nintendo freak, loser and so on just because I liked games before it became the norm, I began to cry. I didn’t expect it, but so many emotions flooded into me just with those chords, memories of buying Final Fantasy at a garage sale from the guy who would become my best friend at school the next year, sitting with my brother at christmas and playing FF6 together before we kept hitting a lot of difficulties in our lives, my parents finally getting curious about the pretty colors in a videogame and asking us about it rather than writing it off as a toy. That boy reminded me of that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just got hit with the same flood.

        • 209:52 nowadays, most youngster of this generation doesn’t care about real friendships because they somehow feels awkward with the overly intimate relationships involved, they mostly wanted to look and sounds cool at all times. To reminisce means one is being old-fashioned is what I gathered from years of debating with such youngsters online.

          If you don’t add any curse words onto what you write nowadays, most will consider you as not being serious, I definitely have no idea what’s going on in their minds.