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Nisemonogatari Pachinko Machine Unveiled




Those with a penchant for both gambling and anime can now satisfy both their lusts thanks to the arrival of a Nisemonogatari-themed pachinko machine, the device naturally boasting a surplus of scenes from the series, despite looking like a naked attempt to cash-in on the franchise more often associated with truly moribund properties…

A PV of the machine in action:



The machine is slated to hit parlors on February 22nd.

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  • 99% of Japan’s financial problems can be blamed on the Yakuza and their tendency to popularize some bullshit quick money making form of entertainment that no one gives a fuck about in a couple of years.

    Shit’s been going on for centuries now and yet no one seems to realize that if you want to stop having all these “random” broke ass eras you need to eradicate the Yakuza and their money leeching bullshit!

    But nope the Japanese government is too busy enjoying the shit ton of money they’re making now to realize that they’re living in the same god damn house of cards the Yakuza scumbags have been building over and over again for centuries. Idiots!

    • Isn’t this like saying we should eradicate all casinos in the world since people are affected by them as well, but nope, the governments are too busy counting their shares of profits to be caring about what might happens to a handful of citizens. But know that there are many forms of gambling and if they can’t play Pachinko, there is always alternatives like Mahjong etc.

      Some people with self-controls see such activity as a hobby and not as a mean to earn quick bucks, in this case goods.

      • Just realized I never actually mentioned pachinko in my 1st post so to someone who dones’t know alot about this crap it probably looks like some dude just decided to come in here and rant about the Yakuza lol.

        For reference in the 1st post “bullshit quick money making scheme” = “pachinko”

        Sorry about that…

      • Pachinko’s recent surge in popularity is because it’s the Yakuza’s newest quick money gambling scheme, this kind of bullshit fucks over the Japanese economy but no one gives a fuck at the time because in the moment they’re making a ton of money, then years later the dumbasses try to figure out why the economy went to shit for like the billionth time.

        Dunno how to make it any simpler for you…

      • Oh were those too many words for you? Ok then let me make it simple for you then…

        The Yakuza is behind pachinko’s recent surge in popularity because it’s their newest quick money scheme, fuck pachinko and fuck the Yakuza and their bullshit gambling schemes that fuck up the Japanese economy.

        Is that still too long for your wuttle brain? I might be able to make it even shorter if you need me to.

        • @Anon 11:10

          And as a person who lives in Japan I can tell you that everything you just said is bullshit, why don’t know follow your own advice and don’t believe everything you read dumbass.

          Most of the police who regulate this stuff are more or less Yakuza hirelings who turn a blind eye to whatever as long as you throw some money their way and the ones that can’t be bought are quickly moved to another department/station by higher ups who guess what? Are also paid off by the fucking Yakuza.

          And as for the North Korea connection even if it is true (honestly I doubt it, blaming things on NKorea is more or less a cliche here at this point) who do you think is managing the crap on the Japanese side?

          The modern Yakuza loves to down play their involvement in things nowadays because obviously it makes their “business” easier.

        • Hey stupid. Keep up on current events. Not to completely discount the Yakuza, but the police are now in charge of regulating that business. And it has been shrinking since the 90’s. Dumbass – don’t believe everything you read. You completely ignore the NKorea connection as well. Cripes – haters are stupid.