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“Abusive” Breast-Groping Fundraiser Molested by Petition




The annual breast-groping event (such a thing exists) known as “Oppai Bokin” has been hit with a tear-soaked petition, with signers claiming the event to be demeaning to women and done solely to promote their company and generate higher profits, an especially puzzling allegation considering the event raises money to combat AIDS.

The sexy event reportedly has a 13 year legacy of featuring a wealth of lovely AV actresses offering up their chests for those willing to donate cash towards AIDS research, with the petition in question looking to have gathered more signatures than there were participants in 2015’s event (which raised some $51,000).

A PV of the immensely sexy 2015 event:

More perceptive critics have noted that due to the petition being written in English, it is likely that most signatures came from outraged western feminists and their white knight minions acting en masse in some knee-jerk Japan-bashing – to say nothing of the astounding reputation internet petitions have for generating substantive change offline.


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