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  • The loli girl wants to draw hentai…. hmmm….

    Anyway they should make their first game about a group of newbs driven by Haruhi Suzumiya Mk II to make an ero game. And there can be one dude, except for his gay companion and he can date every girl etc. Now how original is that Japan?

    • You’d be surprised your supposedly smart idea isn’t original at all, plus which genre would your story falls on, ero-anime?

      And just as in every other countries, not everyone is into anime/manga, to generalize it by asking a country sure sounds asinine.

      Why didn’t you took part in the manga story writing contest which is still open since you think your idea is great, just search for the older article from the bottom page on SanCom. If I’m not mistaken, the deadline is until June.

      • My comment was satirical. You missed that.

        Point is that this is a Haruhi Suzumiya clone with added Genshinken, and other manga/game/anime creation anime thrown in (my memory fails me now but we’ve had these since early 2000s).

        The move to make the game about the anime itself would make at least the anime/manga writer laugh at himself and show that they’re not buying the hype they’re selling. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • But not all creators is veterans, or are you saying there were no young talents throughout the years joining the industry?

          I admit there are plenty of cocktail mixing with modern story writing but our new generations certainly have no clue if they did not watch some of those “classic” titles you cited.

          To be honest, I know Genshiken by name but never watched this show, however, I did watch Suzumiya Haruhi. I replied to you because you (tends) generalize too much.