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Monster Hunter X Megaman Event Profusely Blue




Popular monster elimination title Monster Hunter X has yet more collaboration content due, now with Mega Man and Square Enix now getting the limelight as special weapons, Palico armor and events are made available in their honor, bound to help keep the game from going stale.

A trailer showing off the collaborations courtesy of the game’s official website:


Monster Hunter X and its slew of fearsome beasts are ready to be tracked as the game is available for the 3DS now.

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  • Awesome, this makes me hopeful that we’ll get more like this. The Metroid armor in MH4U was VERY good so I hope to be able to play as Samus Aran again in MHX. I’d also like to see some Resident Evil costumes in MHX like classic S.T.A.R.S. uniforms or Wesker’s outfits as well.

  • Hopefully monster hunter x’s dlcs won’t be mostly Palico armor, like in 4 ultimate, but again it was just in US version of the game while the japanese version of the game had countless anime dlc for the normal character.

    Also they could have done a megaman x collab and have a nice pun but they decided to use the dlc from the previous game and have the color change of the armor upon using different abilities.

    • Well, if a game is M-rated, the chances of getting more original contents will be higher as compared to T-rated ones which is screened and then altered to the point that sometimes a handful of them is completely overwrite.

      I don’t know but the west seems to distrust anything from overseas but would generally allow almost anything homemade to bypass the censorship board. I know some people tends to deny any involvements on the western coasts and likes to think the problem lies with Japan being too conservative.

      In short, I don’t think we will get the same thing as our Japanese counterpart do and this has been so all these while…unless you ship them in yourself which is not variable for those who can’t read Japanese.