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Voice Translation Tool Promotional Video “Inexcusable!”




The PV for Logbar’s upcoming voice translation tool “Ili” has sent the usual corners of the internet into a frenzy, as the video depicts an English-speaking white male heinously requesting kisses from Japanese women on the street, causing many to question why they decided to promote the tool in such an atrociously tasteless, racist and misogynistic manner.

The video:

The “vile” video in question has already garnered much hatred (how much of this down to using a white male amidst Asian ladies is unclear), quite possibly damaging the reputation of what might otherwise aid in tearing down language barriers, despite the fact that it is not yet available and thus may not even work at all; a rather common problem amongst Logbar’s products:

Skeptics however believe that the video might have merely been an attempt to generate attention for the device, controversy be damned – those looking to get their hands on some foreign women can acquire the Ili sometime in summer of this year.

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