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Hyrule Warriors Legends PV Clashes Interminably




An in-depth PV for Hyrule Warriors Legends has arrived, detailing the game in its entirety to hopefully convince indecisive buyers into making a purchase, should they be enthused by the mindless action of another Dynasty Warriors clone.

The extensive PV:

Armies will clash when Hyrule Warriors Legends launches on 3DS in Japan on January 21st; followed by its North American and European releases on March 25th.

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  • The fact that the game on Wii U is already HUGE I’m not interested in rebuying it AGAIN & having to start from scratch. Great deal for newcomers, but don’t expect veterans who supported the Wii U original to throw down cash on this massive game, only to lose ALL their progress. I hope the extra content makes it to the Wii U version. If not there’s always YouTube or private game videos websites.

  • As someone who owns the WiiU version of this game, I was expecting this one to be a disaster in terms of performance, but it’s not as bad as I thought. Still, hopefully there will be DLC to give the WiiU version the Legends version’s extra content, since I don’t want to spend the money on a downgraded version of the game (or play through the whole thing again) just to get a handful of new characters and maps. Overall though, it’s a good move bringing this game to a wider audience, since there are a lot more 3DS owners than WiiU owners, and I think people aren’t giving this game the chance it deserves.

  • As a relatively new owner of 3ds I welcome this, but I think there is need of grown titles on this platform, come on, games like pokémon alpha/saphire are cool, but most of games in my region is pegi 12, seriously? No gore, no sex, no drug abuse, or maybe I know too little games, any recomendations for europe region?