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Final Fantasy IX Coming to PC & Smartphones




Square Enix has followed suit with the other reputable entries in their legendary franchise by announcing Final Fantasy IX for PC and smartphones, at last allowing dedicated RPG enthusiasts the ability to play on the go while possibly acquiring new fans in the process (the alternative narrative is that they are going butcher yet another title in their back catalog with a blasphemous rehash).

The game’s video announcement courtesy of its official website:

Details have yet to be divulged, including a release date.

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  • Dagger(Dagger is better) & Eiko were such cuties. This being my first FF it has so much fond memories. Dat bahamut cutscene was crazy !!

    I never was able to finish the game sadly. My last disc wouldn’t play no matter what I did and at the time I was never able to find another disc unless I bought the whole game again which was pretty pricey for a kid

    Think I’ll get this again and finally finish the game to see the ending. All this time I never read spoilers or anything on how it ends so I’m in for quite a surprise. Wish this was an HD remake but oh well

    • Count yourself lucky, never get this final CD and enjoy your memory as it is. This is coming from someone who loves this game as well but the final part was so weak, it seemed to me that they were running out of time and/or money. It just doesn’t hold up to the rest of the game.

  • Honestly this doesn’t look that bad. They did a good job on cleaning up the FMVs. The 3D graphics don’t look that bad especially if you can use AA for the PC. There’s always ReShade though. I didn’t really get that good of a look at the 2D pre-rendered backgrounds so that’s up in the air for me. Overall I think it’s an improvement, maybe even over using a current emulator. I’ll just wait and see. I’m not holding my breathe considering it’s SqEnix.

  • well FFIX is probably the most underrated FF out there and the last one of that kind so I guess it’s a good thing.. if they at least put a little effort into it like giving texture a relooking from 60×60 to 120×120 (might have been 30×30 back then even though).. This just feel like epsx from 15 years ago :/

  • Does this mean that SE finally understands that they’ve beat FFVII to death with all their Remakes, Spinoffs, and Lame-ass Cartoon Movies – (Advent Children)?

    Now they’ve turned their eyes to IX.
    I guess that means that SE has made it clear what they think about VIII.

    Doesn’t look like they’re doing anything special to this… Do we still have to play by switching out the discs? Or are we finally going to play all the way through with no interruptions? If anything it’s about time they made that happen.

    I might regret saying this, but it’d be nice if VIII was given an upgrade that included voices and smoother graphics, but perhaps that’s left out of the hands of SE as we have seen what they did with VII’s “Remake”.

    • One thing they really need to do is get rid of the pre-battle delay. I did a timed test at some point, and the average time before you finally had control of your characters was around 15 seconds. It doesn’t sound like much until you consider the nature of frequent random battles in the game. That’s as long as many modern games’ zone load times.

      For comparison, FF7 was about 9-10s, FF6 about 5 seconds.

      Even compare Uematsu’s battle music in this game compared to other FF games — there’s a very deliberate filler at the beginning.

      It’s probably one of the biggest things that makes the game unbearable by modern standards — having to sit there and watch dumb swirly effects and unnecessary camera panning just to get to the battle.

      • dont forget linux.
        there are also other less picky emulators to choose from such as pcsx and psxeven (and others). epsxe requires a lot of configuration dependant on computer hardware that many users will find daunting. especially true for multi-cd games such as the final fantasy series, and game-specific hacks just to get them running properly at all.

        as for mac, most modern macs are powerful enough to run the windows version of ps1 emulators in wine just fine. same goes for linux actually. hell even this old pentium 4 machine i use runs epsxe in wine just fine (which i only did because some plugins arent available/arent as good in linux).

        that being said, i havent really kept up with playstation emulation for a while since using a flashed gameshark i can boot copies just fine on my old ps1 and have little interest in ps2 exclusive titles.