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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Bouncier Still




The latest PV for the forbidden in feminism and Islam dominated pardises of social justice Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has demonstrated the improved bounciness of its Soft Engine 2.0, as the beautiful Nyotengu can be seen senselessly assaulting a ball with her rump; no doubt convincing some who may still be on the fence about purchasing the shameless title.

The brief yet bouncy PV:

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will be ready for some summer fun once it arrives in Japan on February 25th, dismayed westerners however can still acquire the English-subtitled Asian version in defiance of the gaming media ayatollahs.

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  • God will you just shut the FUCKING UP Rift. It’s pathetic just how blatantly perverse you are…enjoy living alone for the rest of your life as you’re too obsessed with fapping to be a decent person.

    • Kettle, pot, black?

      And the fact that you singled someone out suggests you’ve been here a number of times. Seriously, gain some self-control and stop doing things that bother you.

      I don’t like loud drunk people, so I don’t go to bars often. Pretty easy solution, no?

    • It is still a fighting game, this title is more like a side quest mini game, surely after nearly fighting to the death all these while, the girls deserved some break? However, some people think of DOA as “killing” game due to the name.

  • Funny thing is, in Europe(Left wingers aside), the average person doesn’t care about this game. It’s the governments that push the PC agenda, and allow hordes of Muslims to infest the continent. DOAX3 is a victim of PC in Europe.

    • European left winger gamer here!
      I don’t care about this game. I would not buy it, I find it boring. But baning and/or censoring it? No thanks, the conservatives and christians around me do that too much already. Let the ones that enjoy it have it, meanwhile I’ll enjoy the ones I like…

      • European leftwinger gamer, I find it terrible what you people have done to European society. You let Paris be attacked twice in the same year and have put the lowlands and Germany in a never ending state-of-emergency. You are warned, in January 2017, President Trump and his Vice-President Rubio will not let you celebrate on the streets stained with Western blood! President Trump will aid La Pen’s eventual victory and together will put Europe back in its place, that of a protectorate under strong American leadership. All will culminate in restoring peace in order in the world, our planet!

        • Interesting concept, coming from the guys that trained, financed, armed and rose Sadam to power “to protect the world from the red menace”. Now, your solution for that little problem has given Gaesh all the power they needed. Who’s your next solution for the world, Teodoro Obiang?

    • communism sucks that’s why we have over more than 100,00 American patriots guarding CAPITALISM and enforcing order you cowards cannot maintain due to your lack of hygiene and time wasting hobbies of cheese and wine eating, and the all time classic hobby of European metrosexuals watching us bang European women, God Bless America.

      • I’m not even sure in what manner I should even respond to this comment….you sure as hell aren’t american though based on your completely as backwards views of the country. Good job showing your true colors as an ignorantly racist bigot though.

        • Take away my right, a right guaranteed to all law abiding citizens of the greatest nation on earth, way to go, you’ve outed yourself anti-American. Oh, and remember when you’re at your cheese and wine art party in whatever historic arts districts nearest to you, walk two blocks from that renovated brick building and give some spare change to that man down on the sidewalk, because he served his country for you to enjoy your pretentious lifestyle without fear of someone coming in and taking your rights like you are threatening me!

        • Stupid people should get their rights to vote suspended. It’d be easy, just go to any Trump rallies. It’s pretty funny that this joke of a person would not be elected anywhere else in the world. Even Hitler speeches before he was elected were not as racist as Trump’s.

        • Was that too much for you to handle, sure you’ve earned your guaranteed sixty days of break. Enjoy the welfare state while it last, as President Trump will push back against you P.C. sensitive Europeans and force you to practice republican democracy, trust us, the world’s lone superpower, we know what’s best for humanity. From Indianapolis with strength. Trump-Rubio 2016!

      • More like Japan fleshing-out their tried-and-true art style that they’ve used for centuries: Stylization.

        Dunno why so many in the West just don’t understand that Japan (and much of the East) doesn’t go for Photo-Realism in their art and never has.

        Hell, demanding “realism” in the Eastern art styles is almost flat-out racist.

        • It’s more like being too realistic takes away the fact that those characters are non-existence and also risk being targeted by SJWs or feminist groups. Certain manga, anime and games escaped Japanese laws because they recognize that those characters isn’t real people, however, extreme ones failed to get away from such scrutiny…