Japanese “Sexless Because of Anime & Manga”


Japanese government data says nearly 4 in 10 Japanese men in their twenties and thirties have no sexual relations with the opposite sex and a quarter of single men in their thirties are actually virgins, and the blame for this is being laid on the profusion of anime, manga and games Japan is so blessed with.

The official data on middle-aged virgins is almost as frightening as some of the countermeasures – “White Hands”, an NPO hoping to devirginise some of these men, is holding nude sketch classes in the hopes of familiarising (just how unfamiliar they can be in the age of mass-pornography is some not touched upon) some of these men with the female form in the flesh as the first step in their remasculinisation.

Tellingly, its some of its participants cite the fiction of “natural” contact with the opposite sex the post-feminist world has so successfully used to create multiple generations of beta herbivores:

“In my case, there was no chance to become intimate with women. I had always thought such a chance would come naturally, but it never did – in the end, not once.”

The group’s organisers unsurprisingly blame anime and manga for this sorry state of affairs:

“Japanese society is overflowing with diversions other than romance and sex, such as anime, manga and games.

Pain and anguish are not dealt with, so the solace of sex and romance is not needed.

The illusion of the perfect relationship and the fear of failure which so peculiarly pervades Japanese society has a severe impact, and this is all linked to the dearth of sexual relationships here, and of course the low birth rate.”

Such reports do also mention economic stagnation and the impracticality of marrying or keeping a family when incomes are frequently declining – and with the cost-performance and verisimilitude of virtual love increasingly radically outstripping the costs of actual interactions with the opposite sex for so many Japanese men, the situation seems unlikely to be resolved with a few nude sketches.

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  • Of course these kind of statements are said by old farts who were slapped in the face by young girls.

    Yeah, I got a very good question to these people.


    The economy is the tank all over the world and children are expensive, ten to one I bet the Japanese government won’t lift a finger to help out.

    It’s best to just let the otaku and video game nerds live in their crack dens, living their lives the way they want instead being forced to muck up society at large.

  • I assume, if they stop censoring their porn, then Japanese men would be more interested in women. Seriously, with how they censor their porn, it’s no wonder why men in Japan lost their interest in real life women.

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  • The real problem here is that everything is censored, even their real life pornography, so its hard to have a high birth rate if your society doesn’t go big on sex with actual women, plus economically and socially, for some Japanese men, its impossible to stay in a real relationship, so anime and hentai act as substitutes.

  • Of course birth rates are down.Most guys are home playing video games.What do you think the girls are doing while you are home on a game?They are fucking the few guys who are trying to get laid.

  • No surprise!

    These losers were warned about this long ago!
    They still continue to act like school-boys! They should read books on relationship. And gain social skills. Socialphobia (Social anxiety disorder) is killing them they should act like grown men!

    Sick men of Asia! Wake up and smell the green-tea!


  • They are not missing anything special. I live in Greece and there is a lot of pressure put on boys to have sex to prove their worth.

    Also, many Greek girls seem to have a contest on who is going to suck the most dicks and virgin dicks score extra points, so they don’t take rejection kindly.

    I.E. A bitch I had rejected because I didn’t feel ready left a dildo in my school bag and then said someone stole her phone. So the teachers searched our bags and the rest I don’t want to talk about.

    So it should come as no surprise that I was devirginized at a tender age by an older female from my school. I can best describe the experience as being wrestled down and eaten alive.

    The next day I came out of the shower and my mom thought I was beaten by bullies because of the bruises her bites/nail marks left allover my body. I explained what happened and that was the only time my dad felt proud of me, I think. Because he could brag to his coworkers that his son scored with an older girl or something.

    Girls suck and they will never give you the respect you deserve like your favorite waifu would if she was real. Don’t let anyone fool you and stay away from girls! We don’t need them guys! LONG LIVE THE ANIME & VIDYA ARMY!!!

    I wish a happy and girlfriend free new year to all anons.


  • They’re “sexless” only indirectly because of anime.

    After doing a cost benefit analysis of real women vs “2d” women, more and more men are realizing that “2d” is simply the better option.

    This mindset originated in Japan, but is more recently spreading across the globe.

    The problem is not anime. The problem is women.

  • Judging by what I know of Japanese culture, in my opinion the problem isn’t anime, manga and video games, but the attitude Japanese men have toward sex. They seem to want women to be reluctant to the point of their advances borderlining on sexual assault, yet when sex does occur they have delusional expectations of how skilled they’ll be and how much women will enjoy it.

    tl;dr, Japanese men don’t get any because they don’t have accurate, realistic education/expectations on the subject.

  • The birth rates for the native populations in first world Western countries are just as low. The only difference is, the West is replacing its native population through mass third world immigration. It’s all a consequence of feminism. If the patriarchy was still a thing, and women were either the property of their father or their husband, none of this would be happening. Put womyn back in their rightful places or go extinct / be replaced by third world hordes. Those are the only two options.

    • You sir, have never seen a Real Beauty in the real World.. in my Time, i have seen countless really good looking Girls out there. They are out there.. not having lost control of themself and ending up like fat Pigs like the other Women..

  • Oh look a load of nonsense being thrown out as an explanation when it is nothing of the sort.

    What is at play is more evidence that a heavily conservative society can not survive. The heavily conservative society deems people must work and work– for value, but then women who are part of this notion also dont want to get married and have children because they have been conditioned into thinking work is all that matters. They need to start letting in immigrants otherwise Japan is done.

  • Women are ruling the modern dating game, it’s not natural in modern society to know new people and standards are way too fucking high. So no one makes moves, no one finds love, such is life, empty and shit.

    • @19:33 stop posting controversial link and please open your eyes wide before posting something from two years ago which the footage looks rather old to be recent. And not every women within the video is being unreasonable, some of them is just being realistic since raising a child does cost a lot.

      Furthermore, the video featured is about China and not Japan, I don’t see anything relevant.

      • Too stupid too understand and need someone to spelling out every words for you? I see.

        – 2 years old video? what the problem with that? In other words they’re just like that long time ago before most people noticed.

        – You said “not every women within the video is being unreasonable” Yeah, right. By business perspective and don’t forget the “I’m the Queen, I’m the best all the men need me” type of attitude lol.

        – You too stupid to see any relevant on that video? Read the first line what I said “most of women” Oh, and don’t forget to tell everyone in here that talking about the same problems in other counties as well while you at it, not just me lol.

        Please open your eyes wide and use something in your head before do any shit posting like this.

        Well, I can’t blame you though most of SJW doesn’t have much brain.

        • So you were seriously butthurt because someone rebutted your post? You are not a regular Youtuber if you think your linked video is anything new because things get old very quickly on YouTube’s community.

          Yeah, you did say “most of women are like this” but tell me, what model of cell phone were you using two years ago versus now? That video were so vague that I only recognized it to be from China because they mentioned RMB. But the timeline is dubious.

          If time do not matter, why is it that comments within articles on SanCom doesn’t last for weeks? Because people move on when any latest news is featured and you chose to harp on a two year-old video?? Insult me whatever you like since this article will be history in a couple of days anyway.

  • I live in America (if that makes any difference) and am a 35 year old kissless virgin. I have been hugged (note: i didn’t hug them) a few times by females. I’ve briefly held hands with another female. It was an accident on her part. She thought I was someone else. And that is the extent of my experiences with females. I’ve never seen a female in the nude IRL or even seen breasts

    Like so many others on Sankaku and in the story – I awaited for affection from females. I thought naturally, surely, someone, somewhere would show an interest in me or flirt with me but that day never came. I just kept getting older and as each year passed I felt an even deeper sadness in my realization that women say one thing and want another. No woman wants an inexperienced man. Especially in their 30s. Likewise the “Nice boy” never gets a “Nice girl” because she wants the type of guy who will most likely cheat on her.

    I won’t lie and say I have given up all hope but it sure feels like my time – if I ever had a time – has long passed me by. There is a calmness one feels when getting to a certain age in regards to sex and women. But that calmness is overshadowed by deafening silence which will last your whole life

    • I’m quite the opposite. I’m in my 20s now and had no end of people, on and offline wanting me. However, I had to sacrifice quite a few friendships with people who wanted more than just friends when I was already with someone and didn’t want to cheat.

    • You are OK, dude… You just feel blues because society keeps forcing men to think they all should act like alphas. If you really were true to yourself and you are not a douchebag… well, their loss, not yours. You are probably too good for most women, anyway.

      Personally, I am aiming to be like you. I am currently 25, and I have already decided to live the loner’s life. I simply do not need women… If love and/or sex are the best “rewards” I can get from a relationship, I can certainly live wihout those. I am no teenager anymore: getting laid is not the biggest life goal I can think of. Sure, if you want kids, that is the best way, but I also happen to not need or want kids… so, yes.

      Be proud of what you are. In any case, they say the world’s population will double by 2050. I believe guys like us are actually doing a long-term favor to humanity by not overpopulating it even more, and solitude is heavily underrated today.

      • People like you both don’t want to procriate, thus less two reasonable parents in this world.

        Just think for a second: Less nice/decent guys becoming parents mean a great majority of the next generation are gonna be raised up by fucked up parents/divorced ones, which can likely have fucked up morals/ideals, therefore, some movement worse than 3rd way feminism could be viewd as “normal”.

        Hell, i wonder if those intellectually dishonest left wing extremists will notice their shit stinks as well and stop trying to push false dichotomies in regards of every argument discussed.

    • That seriously isn’t a lot for a young person, especially male. Back in the day, I could easily finish them but not anymore because I’m getting old (in my thirties) however, this is a case by case issue, I’ve know people older than me being able to eat like a king at buffet lol.

  • The world see’s Japan rapid birth decline as ‘catastrophe’, ‘disaster’, etc. I see it as a blessing, as morbid as I may sound, stick with me here. Who on this godforsaken Earth has the fucking right to judge others and their hobbies/fetishes/passion/whatever. These people are not hurting anybody and as long as you’re not hurting anybody, do your thing. There is some way darker/more important issues going on in other parts of the World that everybody is simply turning a blind-eye too, human trafficking, extremists justifying murder in the name of , child pornography rings, the list goes on. I’m not here to play Messiah, but the fact that these people (I specifically refer to ‘people’ to involve both members of the opposite sex, women can be otaku too hurrdurr) are not pumping out babies on society’s command are not selfish, but admirable. The World could use less fucking humans. I’m going to take a quote from an anime, the medium the Japanese government seems to abhor so much. “I researched about this ‘devil’ and found out that the closest creatures of being a demon are humans.” -Migi.

  • They blame anime and manage and not their harsh educational system and poor work life balance?
    If a kid has to take middle school so seriously they’re studying till 10pm at night and the stress is so high you have kids committing suicide over grade anxiety they are not going to be able to develop normally socially.

    If you are having to work 70+ hours a week you are not going to have time to have a social life other then getting drunk with coworkers after work.

    • There are not too many people, we simply waste our resources like hell… For example, famine would dissapear if we western developed countries did not throw away 30% of their food to the trash bin…

      • In addition to wasting food, some americans even admitted their own countrymen is eating too much. Some even cook up excuses like they have bigger body sizes thus need more food…

        But when the sizes of their manhood is mentioned versus Asian, they don’t seems to remember their body sizes is bigger? Hypocritical much…

    • Probably all haters like you are turning idiotic thanks to all those craps.

      Then do you watch or read practically everything in this world since you tried to imply all the girls knew of and had watched Yuri anime.

  • Who needs real relationships? If you feel the need for 3D relations, we have virtual reality coming in force this coming year. If you have the need for companionship or cuddling, get a big fluffy dog. No need to divert your time and life energy, spend your life for you.

  • a) Unfuck your economy by taxing the old people. Japan isn’t poor, this isn’t a problem that ruthless action can’t fix.

    b) Get these schmucks some rent-a-pussy instead of hoping they unfuck themselves manually -just once.
    They’ll want more and get into the game.

  • First world countries has.. High Population + Automation = plummeting wages. Serfdom is threatening to make a comeback if this keeps up. We need another black death to wipe out alot of people so wages will go up again. Downsides? Praying to RNGESUS that black death doesn’t nail you too.

  • Japanese women: Gold-digging cunts.

    American women: Feminazis with a personality worth less than Iranian Rial.

    Why go through so much trouble trying to sift through all the bullshit, especially when there’s no guarantee of success? Let’s continue to blame the tools of escapism as the CAUSE though.

  • They work too much. If they want to boost the birthrate the governement must pay the ones that have kids.They could even go as far as saying that anyone with 10 or more kids will never have to work anymore.

    • So can I assume you ARE an otaku since you tried to imply that all Japanese males is otaku or that everyone knows To-lover-ru whether young or old.

      And Rito certainly is not gay from his reaction in the latest chapter of To-love-ru darkness, besides, being gay isn’t a sin, which era are you from?

  • I have a dream. I dream that, someday, sex will become recognized as everyone’s right, much like water and air. I dream that every man and every woman could have sex any moment they want, much like we can go and buy food any time we want. I dream that two people could meet for the first time, and tell each other “let’s have sex”, and they agree and do it right this instant. I dream that every shopping mall, every park is equipped with special places where people could freely fuck. I wish that people could fuck in public places, on public transport. I wish that children in school could fuck right in the middle of sex ed. lesson. I dream that the world would stop treating sex as something “special” and “romantic” and just forsake this morality bullshit. I dream that scientists would invent a way to temporarily “switch off” woman’s reproductive system and then switch it back on when she’s ready to have kids. I wish that the term “old pervert” would become a compliment for older people who still have their junk in mint shape and condition. That’s my dream.

    • That is disgusting. What you described in you post is something a group of dogs would do which, ironically, is your profile pic. In other words, sex should be valued to a certain degree and if people freely had sex in which you stated then I would say its something an animal would do. I’m a human not an animal. If you see yourself as a animal, go put mud over yourself and go oink oink…

    • Minus the special facilities, your dream is a reality in a place called Africa. Men get sex whenever they want, no questions asked. Have you seen how steadily the African population has been increasing? Africans are on track to be the majority of the world. The problem is, they are only kept from starvation by massive food donations from the rest of the world.

  • So, how do they reconcile foreign ‘Otaku’ who manage relationships? I’ve got a 6-year old daughter; though her mother is basically a Louise the Zero clone…

    While I grant that there ARE fair fair number who take it a bit far and are ‘forever alone’ types, these are generally cases of socially awkward and unattractive people whose interests have little bearing on their relationships overall. Not that all hope is lost, most just don’t give it effort.

  • “Such reports do also mention economic stagnation and the impracticality of marrying or keeping a family when incomes are frequently declining”
    US has a population density of 32.82 per square kilometer.
    Japan has a population density of 335.58 per square kilometer.
    Unless you want to sacrifice your living standards further, you’re not likely to have kids.

  • I’m going to conclude the issue with this: men has to go out and get the ladies, that’s the men’s job, and therefore women has no incentive to actually do much… and most women has the set the standards higher and higher and has now reached the point of where most men are fed up with their bull and gave them the “die out with me or lower your standards” mentality, kind of sad but then again women don’t give a crap since in the women have a 70% chance of outliving the man if they’re the same age as the women but either way they’re screwed…

  • As if the tough primary educational system not allowing for normal social development or the long working hours not leaving any time left for dating are not the major causes for the situation.
    Middle school children in most countries are not stressed or even worried in the least about getting into some exclusive high school.

    If you work 80 hour weeks the only thing you’re going to have energy left to do is go home watch TV and buy crap you do not need off the Internet and that’s if you don’t have a heart attack or commit suicide.

    Some of the things happening in Japan remind me of what was observed in John Calhoun’s Mouse utopia experiment.

    • I am 25 and a virgin, and not in Japan either. If you are a woman, you say that and everyone applauds your “independence”. If you are a man, people write articles about you and thousand others in that situation and “blame” anime and manga for your “disgrace”.

      …or, you know, I could say my situation is BY CHOICE… but nobody would believe that because lollogic.

      Society is fucked up. It just is.

  • How about changing the work ethics instead of blaming anime etc. People have no time to look for a partner when they have to work 10-12 hrs a day. No wonder why Japan has such a huge suicide rate, that shit will cause mass stress to anyone overtime.

    Shit, right now South Korea is going down the same path. They now have an even higher rate of suicide than Japan.

  • Well, governments always want to blame something else when they know it’s their own fault. What are they gonna do about it? Such good it did them to ban uncensored porn (and apparently gore too), lets see them ban Anime and Manga too, their local economies will collapse, millions of jobs will be lost. Only when they do that will they be truly fucked.

  • I’ve been single for about 9.5 years now. I used to be a whore just about haha. Now it’s so much easier, I don’t have to worry about keeping them happy. Going to family shit I have no interest in. Spending money on them. I’m all about Gender equality, both work, both pay bills. Gifts are fine. Marriage is stupid crap.

    So do I miss crushing some puss? Sure I do… but then there is porn, and afterwards? I’m glad I’m still single 😀

  • This problem is clearly because of all the BANS and censorship they have and all the stupid LAWS that they have too… How the hell they expect to get a girlfriend if they report you to the police becaue of talking to them?? or even going in the same direction as them… I remember a case of an adult ask a highschool girl some directions since he was lost and then was arrested for molesting!!!…

    This is the reason for the decreae in romance

  • It’s just the state of global economy, doesn’t really matter where do you live. I live in Spain and the generation of my parents could affort a house and a family with just ONE of the parents working.

    Now even with both parents working can they barely purchase a house and cover expensive.

    From my circle of frends just a few married and they did it quite “late” (compared to our parents standards) around 32 years old. And family…that’s not something they contemplate and not because they don’t want but because fucking how? Both members of the couple work and still struggle to survive each month.

    • My parents both grew up in poor as shit families that had 5 to 11 children.

      People nowadays don’t seem to be able to afford more than one or two children while still leading a middle-class lifestyle. It’s as you said, both parents working nowadays is still barely enough to put food on the table.

      Pretty much every person I’ve met has been up to their eyeballs in debt, too… spending their entire lives paying off basic shit like their house.

    • The same thing has happened in many US cities.
      The silicon Valley region is eerily like Tokyo complete with long hours and a rat hole apartment costing more then a mcmansion in most other communities.

    • You’re absolutely right. It’s too hard everywhere due to economics. Forget kids, even just marrying and moving out is hard. Then you have to worry about either paying off debt or not getting in any.

      • so the minor issue is men and women having high expectations of each other but the true serious issue is that everyone, not just the japanese, are having major money issues because the 0.1% got greedier and it doesn’t look like that’s ever going to stop so marriage, having kids, will continue to decline among us average people.

        Only celebs will celebrate about getting married after 3 failed attempts and having baby “swiss swift”.

      • It’s really simple to look at. Many first world economies have grown exponentially while incomes have grwon linearly. Only way real way to make money is speculating.
        Takin Spain as an example (for the guy who wrote it), average income is 5 times the one 50 years ago, prices are (on average) 190 times those of the same period. For 2016, salaries are expected to rise 1%, meanwhile housing prices are expected to rise 12%
        The math is truly simple…

  • Oh god.. I sincerely hope that the Japanese Government are not stupid enough to allow uncontrolled immigration of Muslims to solve the low birth rate issue. I don’t want Japan to become Japanistan and Islam is one of those religions are dangerous to any culture that is haram to them. You can count on radical muslims to severely censor anime and manga(or even outright ban them).

    • Don’t worry my friend, according to japanese laws foreigners never get the same rights as any japanese born person. Even after naturalizing, obtaining japanese natinality, etc, they are still second class citizens.

      • Better believe it. Elevens are allowed by law to deny foreigners service to any business & service but one.

        The only service they can not deny you for being ‘non-japanese’ is a place to sleep for the night. They can deny you every other service attached to it tho, such as denying you meals, massage services & onsen usage or any other ‘comfort’ afforded to guests.

        When your government condones that kind of passive-aggressive behavior, it’s no wonder so many people leave Japan bitter over the whole experience. Honestly, it really is an island of bigoted isolationist xenophobes. The Galapagos of the civilized world.

        • @22:04
          Yeah, I’m sure all those blacks denied service in white run establishments were just ‘misunderstandings’ too. Your inability to recognize obvious racism is a ‘misunderstanding’, on your part.

        • Not to mention most asian countries are populated by the rudest city dwellers in the world. Many census reports rate places like Tokyo & Shanghai as the worst places to visit, based on social interactions with the general population. Places like Paris, New York & London all rank higher. Which is rather ironic, given that Japanese cannot handle western world culture shock and suffer break downs after a bit of rudeness ‘paris syndrome’.

        • Please not the “but there are exceptions!!”. Of course there are. There always is. But if you start like that then you’ll never be able to say ANYTHING, so.
          And it’s not “some unhappy encouters”; that’s a thing in the legal system and it IS pretty common there. Foreigners are fine as tourists because they bring money. A foreigner “trying to be japanese”? That’s another story completely. And we are not talking about ‘just a few cases” here. Quite the opposite. No, Japan isn’t nice and perfect, it’s even worse than the west on some points, although I have to admit that it was worse before and there is a slight progess. Deal with it.

        • @10:18 please don’t judge the whole country merely from some random incidents which could really be misunderstanding on your part, because I’ve friends and acquaintances whom had visited Japan countless times but haven’t encountered really rude behavior thus far. Not to mention Japan is big with many prefectures and cities.

          I could have say the same thing as you based on some unhappy encounters with other countries but doesn’t that makes me biased?

        • @07:02
          >Doesn’t mean they’re all like that, though.

          Judging by the number of yahoo auction sellers that won’t even sell to ‘non-japanese’ living in japan, I’d say there’s a lot more than you might think.

  • Well, think about the way society in Japan works. Men are expected to work and let the women handle the finances. Husbands get an allowance from their own paycheck. That alone should be a complete deal breaker. I cannot understand how ANY man would put up with that, and Japan’s the only place I’ve heard about that has this as a normal practice. There is no reason to marry. I challenge anyone here to give an actual positive reason to marry someone.

    • Having an allowance is better than them over drinking and then maybe starts cheating on the wife. I also contribute the lack of money left after marriage to the extravagant wedding, especially if they chose not to do the traditional Japanese wedding style which practically cost very little. However, with strong western influences throughout the years, more and more young women dreams of donning a western wedding dress.

      And if They choose to have children, more costs or you could even say it is a burden since everything is expensive nowadays, raising a child is no joke. I have a nephew, my sister and her husband suffered from financial trouble ever since he was born.

      The actual positive reason to marry is to at least be well-to-do, it is sad, but money is everything after marriage despite young couples thinking that they can survive as long as there is love…

      Nothing to do with anime or manga.

  • I was suprised by the comments.
    Nice to see some actual discussion!
    Thank you guys!

    I’m not too familiar with the situation there but It seems that the root problem is depression rather than the things people do when they have no interest in living your life.

  • Maybe Japanese women should stop being so selective?

    However, soon enough, America will not be so different. Modern feminism is absolutely destroying the relationship between men and women. I wouldn’t be surprised if the birth rate in America starts going down in a few years.

    • Oh please give me a fucking break, don’t come here with that rush limpcock nonsense, both republicans and dems suck but republicans are 100% worse when it come to fear mongering.

      The non stop bullshit about muslims taking over the world, Mexicans “taking our jebs”, “liberals killing babies in planned parenthood clinics” etc. They’re the kings of fear propaganda and their solution is always more intrusive government in everybody’s life.

    • The true goal behind modern feminism is to destroy the relationship between men and women. Why? Because it curbs population growth. Men and women aren’t going to breed if they hate each other.

      Conflict-causing groups like the feminists are often funded by the same few assholes with a population control agenda.

      Even the feminists themselves don’t realize this. As long as they get money to push their personal agenda, they’re happy. They don’t realize they’re all being manipulated and used like mindless puppets, in a way that ultimately harms everyone.

    • The birth rate among white Americans has declined for decades, the thing propping up American birth rates are the massive amounts of mexicans crossing the border to drop their anchor babies on American soil so they can start sucking at the teet of the government.

      • WTF?

        You Deaf, Dumb and blind?

        Don’t you mean the Republicans have used racial fear to sell guns, wall street and taxes.

        Taxes have increased 15% higher every time there is a GOP in the White house.

        Get your head out of your ass and off FOX A$$hole news!

        • both sides are screwing us fellow anon, once upon a time the dems were the racist group. They still are but now they act like the heroes opposite to the republicans. Truth is they’re still fucked up.

          Ever wonder why the dems were able to pass anything that made our lives worse but any proposed legislation that 99% of the citizens demand gets denied? The repubs suddenly want to “compromise” on the fuck the citizens bill while the dems get to say “we tried” when the good bill is shot down by repubs unwilling to play nice.

          Go look up the most recent thing the repubs agree with obama on, the trans pacific partnership. tl;dr: its extremely bad, it’ll make the current financial issues worse. Less people will bother with having kids in the future if the corporations have their way with this but if that isn’t enough to get you to care also know downloading anything illegally will be much harder.

  • I’ve been a wizard for 2 years. I look at the hideous sloth monsters the girls in college I dated turned into and just thank god I never accidentally knocked up one of those money grubbing whores.

    Lets see, work non stop my whole life to support some cow and invest all of my free money in our offspring raised in the worst fucking social mentality in history.


    Spend on my money and time on shit that I want to do. Yeah I’m selfish, but I’m happy.

    Until I meet a girl that makes me want her even immediately after busting a nut, it’s the wizard life for me.

  • Fuck having “relations” with the opposite sex. You can get a damn good hand-job from some hot 21yr old in Shinjuku for $30.

    Unload your balls, and you won’t feel compelled for any relationship.

  • Why the fuck would you want to get married to a real woman of today? Jesus she says one word to the court and you lose half your shit (best case scenario) in a divorce settlement. Or she lies about rape and you get sent to jail while she gets nailed by Pablo the mail man and takes all of your money.

  • I,m 41, got a decent job that pays well, got my apartment (rat size, but everyone else is same size) and dont date at all. You have no idea the kind of hate I get from female workers on my office.
    Three times have been signed without my permission into one of the bachelor traps date groups. And while I do collect and read the ocasional manga and anime, I dont consider an otaku.
    Is just to expensive to marriage, to bothersome to find a woman that wants to works and respect me. And it will just get worse from here. Already some of the husband coworkers at office says they envy me, and others bachelors that bow to stay like me.

  • American white male married for 15 years to an incredible American white woman. I am one of the lucky ones.

    But f*ck the idea of trying to start a relationship with any woman in this day in age. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been told being an American white male in his 30’s automatically makes me:

    1. Privileged to the point of total blindness and incurable ignorance.
    2. Misogynistic without the possibility of redemption.
    3. A rapist waiting to lose control with the slightest persuasion.
    4. A hate-spewing bigot that is just this side of Hitler on any day ending with a ‘y’.
    5. A murderer responsible for every racially-fueled act of violence in the past, present, and future.

    None of which was said or typed to me ironically. And regardless of how many (Patriarchy brain washed) women and (self-hating masochist) people of color that would come to my defense and say and/or prove otherwise would absolve me of the previous.

    Compounded by the fact that it takes only a single lie to a court of law in this country where you are “guilty until proven innocent, and you’re still going on a sex offenders list”, no one in their right mind would risk their belongings, careers, and lives on a relationship in the modern age.

    I have already told my wife that is something we’re to happen to her (the worse tragedy I could imagine in my otherwise boring life) that she would remain the only relationship I ever had. Third-wave feminism is completely out of control, and the guilt-ridden white knights of the modern age are all too happy to let it happen.

    • 100% agreed with everything anon said.
      There are good women out there, and men too.
      But my experience has been that good people are very difficult to find.

      And SJWs are making everything vastly more difficult for everyone.

        • I wonder why she forgave him? She caught him, and he has yet to catch her. She’s in a great position with a Beta. Trying to cheat on a carousel rider is like boxing with a heavy weight champion. You are gonna lose due to superior experience and training.

        • Actually, they do exist… My older brother (45 years old) is married with one for the last 27 years (amazing woman, definitely a keeper). My best friend is married with another (he is my age, 40 years old) in a marriage that lasted so far 21 years and he doesn’t even think about cheating his wonderful wife (she keeps him satisfied in any way possible). I should keep pointed out that my brother cheated my sister in law TWICE and TWICE she found out and forgave him (now he feels guilty and no longer cheats her). Unfortunately, I haven’t been so lucky to find my Unicorn NAWALT. Despite the fact that my best friend’s wife and my sister in law do try to get me a NAWALT, they keep failing :(… So my sankaku anon friends… Don’t loose faith, someday you might find that NAWALT. Peace brothers and don’t marry crazy!

    • >>Third-wave feminism is completely out of control, and the guilt-ridden white knights of the modern age are all too happy to let it happen.

      fucking special-snowflake millenials. And their privileged helicopter parents that caused this.

    • You’re not wrong. SJW’s are going out of control in this day and age, and I don’t even know why.

      Common sense would dictate that just statistically, the average white man (and most white men) are just average joes struggling to make a living, and are probably not rich or extremely good looking, and so probably are having as rough of a time as any other man or woman, but people who are going on witch hunts don’t even seem to care about that logic.

      I’m Asian myself, but I don’t get this new wave of thought demonizing men, white people, and white men in general, it makes no sense.

      If anything’s causing problems, it’s corruption in politics and the lack of the average voter to do anything about it due to a lack of time, power, and money, but instead people seem to want to blame ethnic and gender stereotypes instead of realizing that the things they want to blame aren’t that relevant.

      • Asian born in western countries or went there to study usually will not find fault with white people. Because for the former, you had the privilege as a citizen. The second is, you are either pretty well-off or smart enough to study oversea. Chances of being picked on is very low in your case or you have chosen to ignore that no matter which races it is, there is always black sheep among them.

        From the way you describe thing, doesn’t seems like you surf the net very often to be encountering craps posted everywhere, especially on YouTube’s controversial videos. I’m in my thirties, and had seen plenty of white knights spewing craps all these while. Not that other races isn’t guilty of this but surprisingly Americans makes up a good portion of users on the web, some as young as 13 and already swearing constantly…

        • @13:28 hey, I was being fair, nowhere did I state that ALL white people is bad. And also note that not all white people is muricans, I specifically mentioned them because, let’s face it no other whites other than muricans claims that they invented the internet so any haters should just fuck off or even threaten to shoot people up. Please don’t tell me other western countries will do this as well.

          I’m sick of excuses like “they did worse” by pointing fingers in order to make the states looks innocent and guilt-free.

    • 2 and 3 are why I completely keep to myself, and I’m in England. Interpersonal relationships are way too risky to even consider IRL. At least online people are highly limited in what they can see and do.

      As for women… LOLFTS I’ve had relationships. Bitches be crazy and I’ve seen how bad they can be (not from personal experience). I’ll stick to having a cat.

      • Again the poor blacks. Sorry if it wasn’t for the other races paying into the country so the government could send out welfare for the 14th kid a black women had with her 7th guy. If it’s so bad, they could move, got there crap together and try for a better life, but no, playing the victim, crying to the liberals, doing drugs, calling any other race a racist because you won’t tolerate their crap. Sorry I don’t feel sorry for people who want a hand out. It will stop when trump is elected.

    • This bullshit again? Yeah blame the “SJW” and Feminism boogieman, everything that’s wrong with modern society is all their fault right?

      Very typical of the right-wing white guy with a victim complex. You’re the other side of the same coin as the people you condemn, you’re just too foolish to see that…

    • aww. poor cis white males in this country have it so rough right? maybe if white people haven’t been so racist, sexist, and full of hate for the last several centuries people wouldn’t be calling you names. who started every major war? whites. who started the holocaust? a white man. which race treated blacks, women, and every non-white person like fucking animals for hundreds of years? whites. but everyone is supposed to forget all that right?

      • who started every major war? jews. who started the holocaust? a jew man. which race treated blacks, women, and every non-white person like fucking animals for hundreds of years? rich whites and jews. but everyone is supposed to forget all that right?

        Hitler was part jew.

        • Jews were the elite stockholders in all the Western Colonial companies that were behind imperialism. Hell, for example, the so-called “British developer”, of India, the man who was instrumental initiating the conquest of India and the Opium Wars, all in the name of profit, was David Sassoon, and Iraqi Jew. But you’ll never hear anyone name the Jew. Why? Because the Jews control the mainstream media.

      • Every single race has been extremely racist at one point in history. Just like every single religion.
        Remember christianity being a cause for capitol punishment in Japan? Remember old Rome’s slavery? Remember Ghengis Khan exterminating every single race across Asia and Europe and raping the women to impregnate them? Toltecs usin scorched earth tactics agains Mayans?
        Review your history books, mankind has always been stupid and xenophobic, no matter the race or place.

        • Says the murican who refused to acknowledge their ancestor because they can’t accept the crimes the British had done and chose to distance themselves so that they look more innocent to the world besides invading “India” and almost wiping out the entire native red Indian. And then enslaving Africans, oh right, they enslaved their own people first, so it weren’t a crime because “they did worse” <–murican logic.

        • The best thing to do is too leave these white haters that feel sorry for themselves even when they didn’t live at the time when some of it happened alone. Besides they are not worth the effort nor the time. Let them wallow in self-pity. I sure as hell don’t feel sorry for anyone, not males, females, blacks, whites, asians, arabs and what not and I sure as hell ain’t taking on the “white guilty” that so many people think that whites should have/feel. Guilt. Lol. I didn’t live when it happened so why would I live in guilt?. Never going to happen. If people can’t forget what has been. Then how do you expect to move forward?

        • And every crime under the sun can be attributed to each race. Are you this fucking intelligently dishonest 21:24 that you’d think most of the most damnable offense lie solely on the white male/race because if you have never done any fucking history what so ever, you’ll realize the human race as a whole is a fucked up species and you are nothing but a fucking disgusting cunt and 09:16 holocaust deniers are point blank retarded.

    • So to you as a married guy are against women issues when it comes to:

      1. Gender Violence
      2. Reproductive Rights
      3. Women denigrated with derogatory terms
      4. Rape
      5. Transgender and gay rights.

      Because that is mostly what 3rd Wave Feminism is about. There is more to it but I don’t see how equal rights is a bad thing. Sound like you have been sucking what Fox News has been selling.

      • 1. What the fuck is “Gender Violence”? Women can be just as violent as men, only difference is they GET AWAY WITH IT just because they’re women.

        2. How about the reproductive rights of guys who want children? You ever see anyone care about that? How about the guys whose children were taken away from them because women automatically get custody just because they’re women?

        3. Men aren’t denigrated by derogatory terms? You’ve never heard the terms “pervert”, “pedophile”, “rapist”, “creep”, etc? I guess you wouldn’t have, since you obviously live in a cave.

        4. How are “Transgender and Gay rights” also “Women’s issues”?

        Third wave feminism is about nothing of the above. Third wave feminism is about cashing in on playing the victim by using the above issues as an excuse. Try finding a third wave feminist that actually consistently cares about the above issues. You won’t find one, because they are all fundamentally selfish. They only care about those issues in relation to themselves.

      • As married “guy” who typed all that about the Third Wave Feminists the last thing the vocal majority are concerned with is anything resembling rights to be “equal”.

        Your list for example:

        1. As a man, try to claim you have experienced gender violence. You will be mocked, belittled, then ignored as gender roles clearly state a man (especially a white one) cannot experience this. No equality at all or in the foreseeable future.

        2. As a man, the term “Reproductive Rights” is all but code for “you’re financial responsible for the privilege of even the slightest contact with a woman in a court of law” up to and including non-existent contact you cannot prove did not occur. My wife did not want children, one of the reasons this relationship happened.

        3. As a man, this Third Wave talking point always gives me a chuckle. I have worked in several very pro-woman fields (yes, they exist). I have been exposed to the easy-to-find truth of how women speak about men when they are not in earshot. And then there is always Imgur, Tumblr, Livejournal, and their ilk where one Google search is all it takes to see derogatory verbiage is as “equal” as your fabled equality comes.

        4. As a man, try to claim you have experienced rape. You will be mocked, belittled, then ignored as gender roles clearly state a man (especially a white one) cannot experience this. No equality at all or in the foreseeable future.

        5. LGBT community IS NOT the Third Wave Feminists, and I wish the LGBT would rise up and publicly distance themselves from the notion as it does nothing but hurt their cause. This one hits nice and close to home for me as my wonderful wife of 15 years is an active pro-LGBT member and bi-sexual herself. Rancorous, hate-spewing rhetoric from the toxic vocal majority of the Third Wave Feminists riding tail coats of a community who actually WORKS for equality is something no community based on reality and humanity needs. The LGBT community is not your shield.

        Finally… speaking of people in their right minds in my first post… what person who can stand looking themselves in the mirror in the morning watches Fox News?! Unless you are looking for a great example of how to claim one thing and do another … that sounds nice and Third Wave. Fox News is “fair and balanced” like a minigun at a knife fight.

        • 5. LGBT community IS NOT the Third Wave Feminists, and I wish the LGBT would rise up and publicly distance themselves from the notion as it does nothing but hurt their cause. This one hits nice and close to home for me as my wonderful wife of 15 years is an active pro-LGBT member and bi-sexual herself. Rancorous, hate-spewing rhetoric from the toxic vocal majority of the Third Wave Feminists riding tail coats of a community who actually WORKS for equality is something no community based on reality and humanity needs. The LGBT community is not your shield.

          Sadly, they tend to be friends with each others. The fact that there are fucking SJW everywhere in the two of them probably doesn’t help. That’s sad. I’d like them to take some distance too, but, well.

    • Not only that, but there were media campaigns by the same government that is now whining about birthrates, where they plainly told the girls “If you get picked up in a nightclub, you’re a slut” and the like.
      That surely helped with the issue.

    • Women are convinced 80% of men are below average looking, add to that them completely overestimating their own worth and then some ideas Japanese women have such as expecting a men to earn unrealistic ammounts, forking ALL the money over to them, working himself to death while she stays at home and at best gives him some pocket money etc.

      I wouldn’t marry either under these circumstances, who the hell would?

    • They’re scared of courting women because of the chance of them being called as sex offenders or such..
      Just saying “hi” or “asking for directions” or “compliment” might warrant for a police arrest in this feminist dominant society.

    • There is a culture in many parts of the world where the man must earn enough to support a family, but the reality is that those jobs are few and far between.
      The sad truth is that women rather keep searching for the man that can support her and her brood in the live style she thinks she, “Deserves” rather than settle for a normal guy and hold a job to help support the family.

    • Sankaku itself has posted a ton of articles about that before, too. If I recall correctly, most JP women (or women in general) want a handsome young man with a very old man’s salary and financial assets, which obviously isn’t possible unless you’re a fucking asshole.

      Which is one of the reasons why women go for assholes. And then they complain that all men are assholes.

      Another other problem is that people nowadays don’t respect/value housewives/housework enough. As a result, women focus on career to obtain the sense of achievement that money in capitalist society offers.

    • Came here to post exactly the same. But sure, let’s blame “diversions”. Men resort to diversions once they have made felt that it is hopeless to dream of a real relationship. That IS them coping with the “pain and anguish” of being rejected over and over.

    • Their marriage standards are impossibly high, the reason so many men dont have sex is because of widespread beta culture,. When it comes to just casual dating and sex japanese girls are easy as long as you dont act like a beta that is afraid of everything. Unlike america you dont even have to be very good looking, there are so many betas that japanese girls cant be very picky when it comes to guys that act cool and have a little bit of fashion sense. Trying to solidify a serious relationship is when money/job and hocus pocus shit starts coming into play.

      • @18;25 Is Akihabara aka Akiba the entire continent of Japan? Creeps exist everywhere but admittedly Akiba is a safe haven for otaku thus their weird behavior stood out more when none otaku like you and you girlfriend visited.

        • HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Good lcuk finding a decent job and advancing enough within your career path to be able to afford raising a famil by the time your thirty! It does not fukcing happen anymore, there are people in third world countries willing to do the same work for pennies, you are nothing but an entitled little shit if you demand adequate shelter and running water, you don’t fucking deserve it and you never will, and your kids don’t deserve it either, they deserve to starve. If you are not either a rich jew or a successful business owner, your whole family deserves to fucking stave like some third world shit dwellers. The advanced civilization that your ancestors built over the course of centuries if completely FUCKED now, too fucking bad.

        • Otakus in general enjoy anime, but often to an extreme. The lack of offline social skills and intimidation as a result of below average flirtation experience creates too much fear.

          Many ’embrace’ their otaku lifestyle and tell themselves they’ll be forever alone to keep themselves in that comfort zone. Some decide to do some really crazy shit to burn their bridges of ever being a ‘normal’ person.

          Because japan also has that rape/molestation stigma, many girls see quiet, underdressed guys as creepy. More japanese girls for us I guess.

        • Reason is the divide in average sexual partners by gender. Women overall, have a fairly evenly spread average number of partners over their life. Men meanwhile have a higher contrast of a majority that have fewer sexual partners, and a small proportion that have very many. The Mean Average is of course the same, but not the Mode Average.

          The small proportion of “alphas” are of course much more likely to catch an STD at some point. This has only a minor impact on the statistics for males with STDs, but a significant effect for females.

          Is mainly down to traditional expectations regarding dating and relationships still existing, but getting more muddled. Women on average still expect men to initiate the relationship and express interest. Meanwhile more men are becoming less confident to do so. An passive or unconfident man that doesn’t actively pursue women, has an incredibly low chance of gaining a partner. Unconfident or passive females however still have a plenty fair chance of attracting male attention.

        • When you get older, you’ll eventually realize it’s actually the women who are the ‘whores’. They’re just better trained at keeping their lips shut, about all their conquests, 1nighters & cheating done. A woman’s greatest enemy is the DNA test.

      • Your misogyny is showing. For me women and men are basically no different they both want a fantasy that does not exist. That said plenty of women are still available and up to the task.

        STD by the way is mostly found in christians in the States because they are to stupid to use protection. Men and women tend to have them in spade; but women will tend to get it diagnosed and deal with it. Christian men tend to be to embarrassed to see the doctor so its under reported. Nothing puts religious men in their place than been told their dick my just fall off for their stupidity and infidelity.

        Either way less people is a good thing.

        • Hey, ‘Kiljoy the asshat’, you should correct yourself: it would be Catholic and not Christian…

          …shit, it’s like saying Blacks and Mexicans are the same thing…

          …or football and baseball. Know your shit before you go spouting, ya knob.

        • Your blindness to the hypergamy of women is far more glaring. It’s not an overstatement to claim that on average one of five women has a partner count in the triple digits by age 30; in many areas, the age for this ratio is well below 25 years.

          Sex is always an order of magnitude easier for women to obtain than men. Men chase, women choose. Always has been, always will be.

        • More often than not, it’s the guy who says “go get laid virgin” that’s desperately in need of pussy.

          I love how people think just because they’ve fucked a girl they have them figured out. If you had women figured out, you meatheads wouldn’t whine about women so much and give the Feminazi’s something to bitch about.

          Have we really devolved into a world where I can’t be intelligent and have integrity and fuck my girl at the same time?

          Seriously, there is nothing more sad than a guy who actually treats getting laid like some sort of accomplishment. Just proves you either find it difficult to acquire, or you’re like 16.

          Now then, once you’re done fapping, go outside and stick your dick in someone and then return to us.
          I think you’ll be interested in how many people really don’t give a fuck, because again, It’s really fucking easy.

          When you can find a loyal lady that authentically gives to perspective in addition to blowjobs, and actually have the balls to keep her instead of using your sense of superiority as an excuse to not take any responsibility. THEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT.

          People like you waste the very internet itself
          Kill yourself.

      • women get more stds because they are whores? that’s a stupid thing to assume. how about women have more stds because women go the gynocologist more often, so they have higher rates of reporting? or maybe because women are on the catching end of the sexual encounter, it is easier for disease to take root? the guys could be 10 times as promiscuous, and simply be more disease resistant

  • Don’t blame anime and manga, the system doesn’t support relationship. Long work hours, expensive bills and stuff. And add another thing is I know that the Japanese people worry a lot about being cheat on, so to avoid the pain. They don’t have a relationship. It’s hard to keep a relationship in a place that have things pull your things in different directions. Since I love Japanese girls, I’ll do my best to make her happy.

  • Instead of pushing the hopeless japanese men to reproduce in conditions they see as hell and can only escape via fiction they should aim to give them something to be passionate about
    i don’t know, maybe something like a patriotic cause that will make them redeem their value in society
    and the women in japan should be pushed to the idea that reproducing elevates them and that would spark a passion in them too

    • “maybe something like a patriotic cause that will make them redeem their value in society”

      like making the JSDF america’s sacrificial shield in their slaughter of isis?

      “reproducing elevates them and that would spark a passion in them too”

      so lies basically.

    • You sounds like someone who have never been in a relationship before. Just going on dates alone can costs a lot nowadays, imagine dating almost everyday when both just met. Otaku generally isn’t rich, they have part-time jobs and then save up for the next big thing they fancy. All this is possible if you don’t have a girlfriend.