Shingeki no Kyojin Trailers Rife with Action




A slew of combat-intensive gameplay trailers have been divulged for Tecmo Koei’s highly awaited Shingeki no Kyojin game, giving players insight into performing basic actions as well as cooperating with allies for coordinated attacks, perhaps demonstrating that the game has more depth than many had initially feared.

A myriad of thrilling trailers:


Those willing to shell out for the game’s treasure box edition will obtain an art book, soundtrack, muffler towel, tin badges featuring a multitude of the show’s characters and a download code for one of Armin’s costumes from the Shingeki no Kyojin Chuugakkou anime.

Shingeki no Kyojin will begin exterminating titans on PS3, PS4 and Vita on February 18th, with westerners unfortunately fated to wait until sometime after.

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    • Crap concept…your coment. Besides, it doesn’t make sense you would mention child sex out of nowhere.

      This is about it’s game, why bring up the show or even bother posting if you hate it. Try to let us know what exactly isn’t crap concept since you sounded so confident of yourself.

  • Blazenwhiper says:

    For 3D Movement gear, they are moving REALLY slowly. Not to mention i’m already seeing some obvious flaws with this.
    Looks like titans aren’t going to be able to get too close to buildings so that will severely limit what they can do.

    The inclusion of an HP bar into this is just plain ridiculous.
    Titans limbs don’t just pop off like that. Not to mention the limbs come off the same no matter where they are cut on that limb.

    Hopefully they keep improving on the game, but right now it doesn’t really look impressive.

    • You think this is Mortal Kombat which get the okay despite having lots of blood and gore? Dream on, anything from the east is sure to get heavily censored if they “look too realistic” whether it is gore or nudity…

      • Blazenwhiper says:

        uh…ok? I said nothing of Mortal Kombat but whatever.
        I wasn’t talking about Gore either, i was simply talking about how even when the dismembering of a titan, its cutoff is always just below the shoulder.
        It looks very bad, from a design standpoint at least if no matter where you cut them on the arm, that is falls off the same no matter what.

        • Anon, this is a game about dismembering giant naked men, and getting covered in their blood. If it gets a North American release, it will obviously be rated M, just as the 3DS installment was, and how the anime was rated TV-MA. It’s not going to matter whether limbs get cut in different locations or if more or less gore is shown, since they obviously aren’t aiming for a ‘Teen’ rating anyway.

          The ESRB doesn’t censor games either. They just rate them for content so parents can make more age-appropriate buying decisions, and some retail stores choose to use the ratings to restrict who certain games can be sold to. If a Japanese developer chooses to censor a game, it’s unlikely to be due to them trying to get a lower ESRB rating, unless their target market is clearly aimed at kids. More likely, they just do so because they’re concerned someone might misinterpret something due to culteral differences. There’s nothing saying they have to though.

          And of course, the things Blazenwhiper was complaining about have nothing to do with censoring, but more likely budget restraints and perhaps making the game less challenging to be playable by a wider audience.

        • Well, I’m trying to imply that making things look too “realistic” can be problematic especially when it comes to the game’s ESRB rating, somehow, I can’t help but think that the western censorship board is prejudiced against anything made in Japan or even any eastern countries.