Final Fantasy VII Remake “Censorship Incoming!”


Final Fantasy VII‘s remake is courting yet more controversy with the news that “social conditions” – likely code for ravening feminists and their cadre of white knights in the gaming media mafia – is to force “prudence” in including any scenes from the original which could potentially upset them.

The news comes by way of a Dengeki interview with none other than the game’s producer Toshinori Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura, who explained that “current social trends necessitate prudence when it comes to reproducing the events in the original” – no doubt referring to the Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 tragedy and other such woeful censorship.

The interview went on to mention that development is now making actual progress (presumably for part one at least) as work on the battle system is now taking form, so news about the highly controversial shift to an action RPG and any new mechanics is likely to surface sometime soon.

Otherwise it seems not even the astronomical reputation of the legendary Final Fantasy VII is enough for the title to be exempt from the terrors of modern media censorship, as the game’s fate (at least concerning anything “offensive to women”) is seemingly sealed whilst the hysterical reign of peak feminism continues its tyranny of the medium of gaming.

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  • FF7 was the first ever rpg I played as a kid, if they introduce any form of censorship I simply will not buy it. We gamers are the ones with the money and we are the ones who decide if a game thrives or sinks . If they want to pander to the ugly feminazi’s then they don’t get shit from me.

    • FF7 was a pretty crap rpg i’ll admit, mostly due to its emo main char and final boss/antagonist. I can completly see the crossdressing part from the first game being completly gone, as the special flowers aka mentally retarded/diseased transexuals will raise a stink about it. This stuff would be fine if it was just coming out in japan, but since its coming to the west they gonna have to cater to the sjw’s and femnists. I really wish a company would tell them to fuck off already, I mean they are a minority who probally wouldn’t buy the game regardless anyway, why cater to them? Censoring the game will cost them more sales than ignoring the whining of sjw/femnists would.

  • Anonymous says:

    fuck it, i’m done waiting for this game. If they wanna censor if then go for it because like other games that have got censored, I won’t be buying it. They just don’t want us to see up tifa’s skirt, I knew they would screw that up, I just knew it.

  • Wonder if I can cancel that pre order… If it’s gonna be mangled by a retarded group on something like that, wait until they see tifa in a tanktop-suspenders outfit. It’s a great shame to see the supposed “trend-setter” mangle such a classic..

  • two things

    waaaaah, the femenists are coming, the femenists are coming protect the titties Q_Q

    that’s you, that’s what you sounds like.


    how the hell have I missed the existence of this site’s non porn parts? there’s fucking tons of articles to read here when I’m not rummaging through the porn db O_O

    onwards ho!

  • Sounds like a load of nonsense. Square Enix entirely sounds like they are utterly overreacting and freaking out when no problem is present. So preempting stuff they deem will be found offensive. With actual no idea that they even will be deemed as such. This has nothing to do with feminists [the decision] this is all to do with Square Enix freaking out because they dont actually look into other countries outside japan. So make judgments and assumptions

    • Square is not the only ones, most companies seem scared of the sjw/femnists and shit, the groups that probally won’t be buying the game anyway even if it was censored, I feel these companies need to grow some balls and tell those groups to go fuck themselves. So many games get ruined due to the west these days due to minority groups who don’t even buy the product anyway. It has to stop.

  • Isn’t it funny how so many people here believe that feminists are thin skinned when they go into an explosive rage at a vague statement and baseless speculation?

    Yep, feminists are the thin skinned ones alright.

    Also it MUST be because of feminists not because they have to decide what to do about stuff like blood and gunshot wounds.

    Do they go for ultrarealistic action with blood all over the place which might get them a harsher rating or go for an inclusive rating but tone down the violence which makes it unrealistic.

    Would making the Aerith scene ultra bloody ruins the moment or should they make it more horrifying and gruesome to show how demonic sephiroth is?

    Nope, that couldn’t be it. Besides idiots need a reason to bitch about feminism.

    • They are talking about “FFVII Remake: Part 1”
      That scene won’t come out until Part 27 or so, around year 2200 for the PS15, and by then your (highly hypothetical) great-grandchildren will be unaware that this someone being stabbed wasn’t a guy in the original version.

  • the worse is they dare call themselves feminist… I think I’m a feminist in the fact that I think females are eguals to men and should be treated as such when it comes to work, promotion, salary and so on..

    but this isn’t fucking feminism it’s just dumbass censorship from jealous bitches. who cares if tifa has huge boobs or aerith is flat like a plank, first it’s just a game, secondly even if there are prostitutes in the game it’s happening in reality too as far as I know, covering your eyes doesn’t make reality disapear, it’s called being a dumb fuck at best

    I wish those morons hiding behind social media would stop making life a bitch for the 99.99% of us out there

  • First Xenoblade Chronicle X with non adjustable bust size censorship, then Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will not be localized, and now this?

    Thank you, feminism. Thank you for ruining gaming industry with your “must get offended to anything and everything” attitude.

  • Last I checked it’s not censorship of the creators themselves make that decision. Way to jump the gun, Sankaku but I guess any excuse is as good as ever to jump on dem feminazis, amirite? The bane of all our existance and harbinger of disaster to our entertainment!!11!!1!!!1

  • Bullshit. BullshitBullshitBullshit… That was a great part of the game. Funny. Good memories. But hey, I guess our world is too fucking sensitive now? Fuck that, keep it in. Who cares what small, loud ass groups have to say? Their numbers are generally smaller than the silent majority. Bah.

  • AAANNNDDDd thats how to RUIN a game… i was excited about it… but if the producers of the game have no balls and will cower in fear just because some feminist then the new remake of FFVII is worth a fart— If some feminist come and ask me to censor my game i would just tell them go eat dirt, if you dont like my game dont fkng buy it… im sure the fans will be happy instead… fkng feminist

      • He’s complaining about censorship in general. It doesn’t matter what they are changing, the fcking producer and director thought it necessary to state they are exercising “prudence” due to “social trends.” They should just stick to the original story and tell feminist to be prudent and shove their social trends up their asses.

      • First of all, you don’t seem to get that Anon 15:31 was taking the “gamers are worse than ISIS” comment that some SJW assholes have previously made and throwing it back at them. Second, while they’re not overtly slaughtering people, they do nevertheless pose a threat to their society (not to mention that, given the chance, they would burn men alive, and maybe execute any woman who doesn’t cater to their specific line of thought, because they’re a bunch of misandrist hypocrites and they’ll gladly wage war on anyone with dissenting opinions). You could say that the ISIS comparison is exaggerated hyperbole, but I think the point stands that feminazis are some highly despicable people.

  • I think the target audience for this game are people who played they original when it first came out. HELLO! We’re grown up now! We already dealt with these things as a kid, I think we can handle it as adults.

    • They want to make sure “FF7R: Part 1 of 50 – The bombing of Sector 1 Reactor” doesn’t sell, so they can ditch the rest of the remake claiming there is no demand for it. That way, they’ll be able to go back to making smartphone social card games.

  • incoming slightly big boned independent Tifa who needs no man to support her. oh, and Yuffie will have short red hair with glasses on, and keeps on ranting that asking the female to equip the heal Materia is downgrading woman to only be a support character

    • The best compromise with regards to Tifa that SE can make is to add a big floppy cock, then they can’t criticize the character, because progressive stack (trannies are lower on the stack than cis womyn).

      • The difference is that opposing ISIS is good and patriotic, while opposing these “socially concerned people” makes you a sick sexist pedophile asshole who must be placed in sex offender listings and isolated from society for life.

        ISIS will go away in a few years, its spot taken by the next “threat to the free world”
        Feminism will remain forever, taking away people’s freedom for the sake of women and children

        • Didn’t you know? If you oppose ISIS you’re a hateful Islamophobic racist bigot. They’re pure and innocent freed fighters, and all those women they raped and kids they decapitated were invented by evil Western journalists.

  • Square shouldn’t have even bothered with this, I love that its getting a remake but its going to ME3 all over again.
    There is no way Square could do this justice; soon enough any praise of
    “FFVII is the best game ever”
    Will be overwashed by the remake being
    “not that good…”

  • Ble… make it perfect and dont care about censorship or things related… just make it multiregion, and lenguaje, as soon as it gets out im just gonna order it, *we* the other guys love japanese things for what they are and offer, dont take the japanese from japan products just becouse a tendency out here, FFVll is ment to last decades….

  • The adult diaper industry must really be blooming these days seeing all those manbabies instantly shitting themselves because of every vague statement suspecting the “evil totalitarian cultural marxist feminist gaystapo” or whatever behind everything in their plot to take away the tity from them.

      • I know a few feminists and not all of them are the same. The problem is that there are many factions of feminists like the ones that promote equality, freedom and choice and then we have the ones like Anita Sarkeesian that believe in a collective.

        That means that what one woman does or how she is represented affects the others and that’s why they must follow a set of ideologies/rules like if they were the 10 commandments. If not, then you have internalized misogyny and sadly, that is the kind of feminism that is most dominant right now and why they are so obsessed with representation of women in games, movies and stuff.

        • There are many faction, yes. But I see no effort by the other “non-radical” feminism to distance themselves from the radical feminism.

          The only occasion when “other faction” of feminist claimed they aren’t on the same boat is only when this radical gone overboard and feminist movement as whole get their rightfully deserved repercussion, like… right now?

          Seeing this, it is fair for the masses to assume all branch of feminism, be it radical or not, approve radical feminism’s action.

          So I am really sorry, I can’t buy your statement. I see it something more like “saving my feminist ass” type of statement rather than a real explanation.

          Speaking of Anita, you are actually the first gaming feminist who I’ve seen speak against her. During her videos reign I see no feminist ever speak against her — everyone support her despite her really biased analysis and unprofessional supposedly educational videos.

          And I’ve visit many of these feminism prone gaming websites before, like on daily basis for years.

    • Yeah, if prudence was the reason they would simply not make the game. I mean, the “heroes” are a terrrorist organization that doesn’t give a shit about collateral damage in their crusade to save the world…

  • what a bunch of pussies. just grow a pair and make the game right. if people get offended, good. more publicity. you fuck it up, bad. word of mouth spreads and no one buys your crappy reimagining.

    • Except, we actually have no idea what they’re censoring, Sankaku are just being the cynical, hatemongering troll it always is by trying to throw fuel on the fire and predicting what’s going to get censored… But, yeah, I’m suspecting that it’s either going to be Honeybee Inn or the Bara scene that’ll get hit by the censor hammer. Or, if SE wanna promote actual equality and not just double standards, they’ll censor both Honeybee AND the Bara… Or none of them and it turns out SE are actually planning to censor something entirely else, like the pseudo-romantic subplot with bikini-loli Priscilla.

  • So…and that pretty much confirm everything we expected. Still…people defending this.

    I won’t start a my opinion > your opinion but seriously I just can’t understand. Remake a game, remove everything that make it memorable…profit?

    What’s the point of making it if you are removing everything that made us want a remake?

      • You guys can downvote all you want but it doesn’t change the fact someone “offed” a game from their list without any confirmation whatsoever about the tone of the game. It’s just a guy saying they’ll want to be careful, which sounds reasonable enough to me.

        Wait and see, as it is often said. We’ll have time to criticise later on, if necessary.

        • You do know what happens most of the time when they “say they will be careful” right?

          Hint: look at how some others are here “if there is censorship we will not ship it into the US”.

          Having to say it in the first place IS suspicious in the first place, BECAUSE the game isn’t openly racist or anything (in which case the claim would make sense since it would, indeed, be rather borderline nowadays). FF7 Isn’t fuckinf FF7 with a nazi room, so the very idea that it is according to them important enough to talk about it there when there ISN’T anything so “terrible” (to the point it is a priority)is a pretty good proof to begin with. It’s like if I told you that “we must be careful with the next Mario because it might offend the current social codes”. Since Mario isn’t a culprit of this in the first place, it proves that they are talking about being careful about OTHER THINGS that are considered as NORMAL by fans. If nothing is “shocking” in it to you, you don’t say that you will need to take the current social currents into account. And FF7 really being guilty of this enough for this to be a problem would be a huge news and noticed overall, if it was real.

          Inb4 the Don Corneo sene is removed or EXTREMELY changed because it “may be offensive to travestites”. Some people should really learn to laugh at themselves. (And they usually do it for a lot of them, it’s the fucking “white and priviledged [lol] SJW that feels guilty that complains about it the most)

  • So I’ve got to be honest I’ve never played final fantasy 7 with cloud (only the one with the true hero zack) and I have to ask. What the fuck are the censoring? The only thing I can think of was the whole aeriths death scene but what kind of idiot would censor that? If its not that, is it boobs? Did this game really have boobs I mean sure I know there was romance between cloud aerith and tifa but I didn’t think it ever got that far.

    • There’s a segment where Cloud cross-dresses to infiltrate the home of a Mafia don-type character, and in order to get the items you need, you have to go into a brothel. There’s nothing explicit, but there’s a part where Cloud blacks out and wakes up in a room surrounded by burly men wearing Speedos, and they imply that he got molested (or worse) while unconscious.

      But seriously, the people who are having screaming fits because “Fucking SJWs are gonna take Tifa’s tits away from us!” are idiots, don’t listen to them.

      • Look I just never liked clouds hair style which made me postpone playing the game. Then I heard, true or not, that cloud had the balls to act like zack fair, the bad ass that fucken saved his life and killed almost an entire army of soldiers by himself, never existed. Fuck ya I was going to stay away, fuck cloud and his shit.

    • They are the collective “them”, omnipresent and certainly out there, somewhere, doing something. Don’t want to offend them, because they are very noisy people and noise is bad, unless it’s good noise, which this probably wouldn’t be as it will be on the internet, and internet noise is like never good. Unless it is. But this probably wouldn’t be.

      • Noisy bunch of angry women online labeling nerds as a women hating rapists, which then was a godsend headline to the media… Nothing sells better than demonizing groups of people! And let’s face it, nerds are an easy target.

        Then politicians then think there is actually a large movement behind this idea, because it’s in the headlines and thus grab onto it. And then the shit just rolls downwards until we have a movement of people who only want to look good on the media as saviors of feminism.

      • Overreacting my ass. They have figured out that the media and SJWs have created a climate of censorship where anything that doesn’t fit their precious political ideology must be banned. DOAX3 not coming to America because of them. The Sony CEO outright saying because of “cultural differences”. Japan is aware of these people now and would rather just not bother bringing the game here or if they do, they let the localization teams which also have been infested by this ideology censor the games because of a small vocal minority.

        • It’s not difficult. There are many strains of feminism. Some are more reasonable than others. The one that is currently dominant is anything but. You saying they’re not “real” feminists does not make it so, unless you were elected head matriarch.

        • They do. You are the one not getting it. Who cares about “REAL” feminists? They are not the ones with the more power or the ones you’ll hear the most. The ones you’ll hear the most is the stupid dude/gil from tumblr saying bullshit and saying it IS feminism. Which is one of the main problem with this, because it’s an insult to feminist itself. Again, try to understand what you’re talking about before saying “x is wrong”; no, it’s not wrong, but even if feminism is definitely necessary and a good thing, there has been a LOT of abuses of the word since a pretty long time, and they’re A WHOLE LOT more vocal than your typical average “good” feminist. hence the feminism-hate; hate the people giving your ideology a bad name just as much, if not more, than the people using a confusing word because the others call themselves that despite it being very wrong. This bullshit feminism is what is killing everything, and yes it is “”feminism”” (note the “” ) for a lot of people since they are calling themselves that.
          And since feminism and equality = good for the average hipster, this can easily be abused in order to make oher believe that some mileading bullshit is good when it isn’t. Yeah, “”feminists”” and a lot of people seen as that hate large chest. Because they are “the symbol of a man’s fantasies ” > “The character is therefore a sexual object for the desires of men.”
          While this would be laughable with true feminism, it’s sadly not how the word is used most of the time and the real ones certainly not the kind of feminists that are causing games to be censored.Real feminism cares about real and serious issues (and don’t sum it up to “men and women = samee pay” WITHOUT taking everything else into account; since they know that it is not an isolated issue but depends of a lot of other factors; it’s not a “easy” problem at all) but the ones you’ll see don’t care about things like that since complicated stuff is…well…too complicated and require to REALLY know what you’re talking about BOTH socially and culturally, so the average idiot will not devote his life thinking about it. It’s easier to say that you’re one of them without seeing how deep the matter is or caring about it.

          Yes, “feminists” have a problem with what you said and yes, “feminists” think that way. And yes, people say this but not because they are haters. Because the fucking “2010-feminist” is nothing like the original one and don’t get what they are talking about, but still keep speaking about it insisting on the “I’m a feminist” part (since it was seen as a good thing in the past, for most people who don’t are about looking further, that’d automatically make them one of the good guys and someone saying things that are true and good).

          Before talking about “haters” and fucking judging people yourself try to understand WHAT these “haters” hate and WHY beside a “they’re just idiots lulz”. Being aspie I tend to take things too literally too, but there are times when a word is linked to a context, like right now, and you can’t just say that “feminists have nothing about big breasts”. While it IS ultimately true it’s more complicated when people are abusing your reputation for their own agenda and everyone seems ok with it.

        • Some of you have been reading shit on the internet lately. Feminists don’t think that way. Haters of feminism want people to think that feminists think that way.
          First, they don’t want Tifa loosing breast tissue. Second, they don’t have any issue with Cloud crossdressing. Look it up.

  • Tifa will now lose a couple of cup sies and Barret will speak with an Australian accent to not offend anyone. Flower Girl will only get a slight injury, you later visit her in the hospital at the end of the game and shake hands with the One Winged Angel who say “May bad”

  • I mean you can make the scenes more tasteful.
    I’m totally fine with that.
    We don’t neccessarely mean stereotypical gay men.
    But then again this is slum with alot of weird stuff going on.
    Well, All I can hope they do it tastefully.
    It is a remake and not a remaster, changes are bound to happen.

    But seriously. Fuck Feminism, fuck it till it dies.

  • Anyone that honestly thought Don Cornelo’s drag queen scene was going to make it into the FF7 remake was deluding themselves. It’s not just feminists, society as a whole today is different than it was 20 years ago. Only the most die-hard fans that remember and loved the original game would find scenes like that acceptable.

    It was also funny due to the very cartoonish nature of the graphics. It wouldn’t come across as nearly as entertaining with the upgrade in graphics.

    • That scene may well make it in the game. They love that shit. They don’t like objectification of womyn. Cloud awakening to his gender fluid nature, they’d eat that shit up. They could even make Miss Cloud go on a date with Barret later, like for reals. Tumblr would love it. Shitaku and Polygon would love it. Girls in bee costumes though? That shit would have to go, unless SE also add cocks to all the girls.

      • They love it yes, but not when it is supposed to be funny. And in the original game, it WAS supposed to be funny. The funnist part is that most trans are ok with this kind of things andd can laugh at themselves pretty well; self-deprecation is a very common thing even for minorities, and most people can laugh at their country very well if they know that it isn’t serious. But most SJW who are people NOT living with the problem (excepts for the problems they invent themselves, or if they didn’t invent it, then they take a small thing and they blow it to HUGE propotions). It’s just some idiots with a guilt complex beome “omgggg [x]’s lives are so hard!!!”

        But then again, yes, they love it when it’s serious. Here it’s more or less a caricature. The kind of thing that usually isn’t so lucky.

    • Society hasn’t changed at all. Men still love their violence and women’s #1 sexual fantasy is still rape.

      I mean, 2 of the most popular pieces of media in recent years are Game of Thrones and 50 Shades of Grey. An ultra violent show/books (with rape too!) and a novel/movie that is pretty much all about rape and it’s the most popular shit with women.

      Now my theory is that social media has given too much reach and power to the wrong people. Just see how feminists and beta cucks systemically attack everyone they disagree with and if corporations fear something it’s to be called racists and misogynists in social media. Corporations will bend backwards to please those people to avoid such thing.

    • It has nothing to do with “the last 20 years”. It has to do with people feminists like Anita Sarkeesian creating a huge storm online, supported by tons of extreme left SJW sites like Polygon, Kotaku, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, even the United Nations.

      • There’s no difference whatsoever between Sarkeesian and the 90’s conservative crowd who wanted to censor games. Both are the same shit, no tits or gore, games are for kids after all, can’t have anything even remotely sexual. Sarkeesian is Jack Thompson with tits but the morons don’t see it because being a woman she’s a special snowflake and needs to be protected from the evil gamer men.

      • Don’t act like conservatives don’t or have never complained about video games. They have been against video games for YEARS now. Story after story of them saying video games are too violent and too sexual. Now in a little less than a year and a half of feminists/SJW/liberals complaining all that’s somehow magically disappeared.

  • Any decision the original creators make is NOT censorship. It’s an active CHOICE made by the design team. Even if there was an activist organization that took issue with some of the more sexist material of the original title (which there isn’t; look up straw man or straw feminist), the decision rests in the hands of the developer. If the ratings board saw the final product and refused to let the game release before the material was edited out, then that would be censorship. This is all just terrible Japanese companies demonstrating how abysmal they are at doing business and staying current with the changing market and the world at large. They are out of touch and trying to find a straw man to take the heat off of them for their shortcomings. Screw you Japanese triple A. Get it together.