Hyrule Warriors Legends Endlessly Intense




The action-packed Hyrule Warriors Legends has delivered another trailer bursting at the seams with relentless battles against incompetent enemies, reminding buyers of all the playable characters present as well as Nintendo’s decision to make a Zelda game that is essentially a Dynasty Warriors clone.

The lengthy (if not redundant) trailer:

Hyrule Warriors Legends will dispatch thousands of worthless foes with its January 21st arrival for the 3DS; a western release is also slated for March 25th.

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  • Without borrowing money in 50 more even if I fail in the same level as WiiU, Nintendo can continue.
    The Sony enthusiast who can’t understand that isn’t clever at all at all, and it’s stupid existence.
    Any more stupid existence is about a North Korean slave.

  • If Nintendos next machine fails, you’ll most likely see these games on the PS4/Xbox One. There’s no way the company could survive repeatedly Wii U level failures. The Wii U arguably has done worse than the Dreamcast in the same amount of time, which ironically is sad because both machines were awesome.

    • Nintendo settles a black ink this term.
      A game of Sony is an excessive debt of 50,000,000,000.
      If it can be understood, close the dirty mouth and be trembling with a corner in the dark room tremblingly, coward.

    • Why do people keep talking about “Wii U-level”, like it’s the biggest blemish on Nintendo’s record. This isn’t the Virtual Boy, not even close. For that matter, I’m sick of people who talk about the Game Cube as if it was this massive failure, when it actually sold pretty decently (and had a great library of games) and most of its “failure” is from being compared to the PS2’s sales figures. Seriously, all this “Nintendoom” stuff is bullshit.

    • If Nintendo’s next machine fails, you can say goodbye to big-screen AAA games. They’ll go full tilt into their handhelds and Amiibos while experimenting with smartphones. All of this is a carefully calculated strategy to ease their way out of big-top home console gaming because they’re unwilling to compete with the PlayStation’s runaway success. Nintendo’s going to slowly but surely revert to being the toy company it always was at heart before they saw big bucks with video games.

      • runaway success? I love Sony and bought all their systems but this generation, as of this writing, I still only own 4 games for it. They are not really putting out this gen. They need more first party support and thats what Nintendo has in spades.

    • Nintendo has enough money in the bank to take significant losses for several decades, the Wii/NDS was also the most profitable time the company ever had, unlike Sega with several failures prior to the Dreamcast. You literally have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • @Nintendo has enough money in the bank to take significant losses for several decades

        No, they really don’t. The Nintendo shareholders wouldn’t allow the company to keep producing Wii U level flops. Give it one, maybe two more hardware flops before they pull out of the console business.

        @Sega with several failures prior to the Dreamcast

        The prior failures were unrelated to the Dreamcasts demise. Sega simply ran out of money and couldn’t afford to keep the machine on the market. They would have collapsed had they not pulled out of the hardware business. Not to mention Sony with the PS2 + Better hardware & support in the industry proved too much for Sega who literally had no money left to compete with.

        • Not to mention the Wii U followed on from a machine that broke 100 million sold worldwide. The Dreamcast followed the Sega Saturn that barely sold 10 million, and sold around the same amount of units in less time than the Wii U.

          That does make Nintendo look a lot worse than Sega, as Sega didn’t have the luxury of releasing a successor to a 100 million selling machine.