Street Fighter V Censored: “We Want to Keep it T-Rated!”



A recent statement from Street Fighter V‘s producer Yoshinori Ono has divulged the reasoning behind R. Mika’s already infamous censorship, explaining that the change was so the game could “maintain a T-rating”, dismissing claims that it was due to recent feminist pressure to quash overly sexy games

The censorship in question concerned R. Mika’s finisher, which had the saucy girl slapping her rump before committing a finishing move on her opponent, apparently causing so much disgust that the scene had to be “removed” – by panning the camera up slightly.

A video demonstrating the atrocious butt-slap (with the “headbutt” apparently being perfectly fine):

Yoshinori’s initial response to the whole censorship issue mentioned the acquiring and maintaining a new audience being a priority, rather than just servicing fans of the franchise:

Our objective with Street Fighter is to start over from zero[…] We want the professional players and the casual fans of the series to return, but we also want to reach those who have never even touched a fighting game.

So we can’t have something in the game that makes people think, “This is not acceptable.”

The producer’s latest statement however has caused even more resentment amongst fans, due to his remark regarding how they wanted to keep a T-rating:

We are a ‘Teen’ rated franchise, and we want to make sure we keep that appeal to a very wide audience. We thought maybe in those instances things could’ve been pushed just a little bit too far so we had to tone it down slightly.

We want to make sure that Street Fighter remains a family friendly franchise and it’s that delicate balance that we play ensuring that we remain a teen game.

Naturally fans immediately noted the contradiction in his ratings remark, with games being incorrectly rated on a very frequent basis, and with some visual representations made by the naysayers seemingly getting the point across quite well:




Although such changes are hardly new, that developers are finally willing to admit to them – even in the face of considerable upset from fans – may mark progress of a sort, even if censors and anti-sex feminists can still claim clear victory.

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  • Dont see how this is anything to do with feminists. It seems way more like the developers are overreacting– at least the Japanese guys are. So doing things in a bid to preempt any (that they have themselves, without pressure) deemed will be a ‘catastrophe’

  • its as I said in a previous forum.

    no and I mean no otaku is selling what their buying. we all know that they got pressured by parental advocates and others like the ESRB to keep the game from going down the M rated path ala dead or alive.

    it would have been better to just fess up ,take your lumps and move on instead of this farce of a statement that we all suspected from the start.

    • Evidence? I could buy that they were thinking about the ESRB when they made this decision, but we can throw out baseless accusations and theories all day. Maybe space aliens threatened to blow up the planet if they saw Mika slapping her ass in the final game.

  • I wouldn’t mind censorship of any sort so they can market it in foreign markets while maintaining a good rating… as long as they would also provide patches so that those of us who want to see it in all it’s uncensored glory can do so freely.

    The way I see it, that’d please all parties involved. The game would be publicly ‘decent’, and you could still enjoy the perversion in the privacy of your own home.

  • “This is not acceptable”? I would blow off those claims and announce “I don’t find it acceptable that people get hot and bothered about video games.” It’s hilarious because the obviously female voice actor has no issues with such a thing. Why can’t the people that enjoy it be just as vocal? Or do what Call of Duty did and create an uncensored setting.

    What annoys me more is the people getting mad about it aren’t going to play or buy it regardless! Stop catering a game to an audience that doesn’t exist you CLOWNS.

  • “This is not acceptable”? I would blow off those claims and announce “I don’t find it acceptable that people get hot and bothered about video games.” It’s hilarious because the obviously female voice actor has no issues with such a thing. Why can’t the people that enjoy it be just as vocal? Or do what Call of Duty did and create an uncensored setting.

    What annoys me more is the people getting mad about it aren’t going to play or buy it regardless! Stop catering a game to an audience that doesn’t exist you CLOWNS.

    • NO. DOA 3 had no pressure on it. It’s a game that doesn’t sell very well outside Japan anyway, so they had no plans to distribute it.

      It’s a game about staring at virtual girls and playing weak games. The whole “controversy” was manufactured. People who want the game can still buy it, and it wont be censored at all.

  • Westerntards can whine and bitch about gaming censorship all they want to, because they are such Puritannical Prudes. Nothing with the content in certain games, obviously these games are not for everyone and hey, sex sells. I’d rather buy sexy games over the same old tired and done over and over again Fallout, Battefield, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Splinter Cell, etc etc filth that most Westerntards grab their small cocks in their fat stubby-ass hands with. Please everyone who reads my comment vote it down as drivel or bad so that I can prove my point. Oh yeah, I’m hella proud to be a Weeb and a Neet. thanks. 😉

  • To be fair to Ono, he’s probably referring to the Japanese equivalent, CERO’s B (12+) rating, and most of the examples listed on those pics were games that over there got C (15+) or D (17+) ratings.

  • BlownHappyKid says:

    What a shame.

    This is a shame because Street Fighter actually has a long history of content that could’ve been considered sensual since the dawn of Cammy’s debut in the franchise.

    It’s no surprise these days developers are attempting to appeal to a mass demographic but the reality is that it’s nearly impossible to satisfy everyone. There’s some people who cater being sensitive to the sight of violence and unclad characters opposed to those covering their ears to avoid hearing profanity and sexual sounds.

    Capcom “censoring” their product to obtain the Teen rating by removing butt-slapping and crotch-shots is dull and irrational because WWE games always contained this and never stooped to this level. It’s clear they’re fearful of being shamed but there’s literally nothing to hide since the majority of the characters are either half-naked, humanoid and “naked” but given no genitalia, and/or wearing skimpy outfits.

    More power to PC players to mod the game enough to an AO-rating like the last game.

      • BlownHappyKid says:

        There’s always a way to add features back in and it’s just odd for the developers to remove something as petty as camera angles opposed to actual features with significant problems for players and/or the game itself.

        It’s like Capcom is pretending that anything about Juri Han wasn’t sensual and her story from Street Fighter IV didn’t have any sensual scenes when she met Bison for the first time in a while and the naked guy she fought after that.

        Come on now.

  • On one hand, maybe the butt slap is a -bit- too ‘suggestive’ (lol) for an actual fighting game (ie: one that -isn’t- DoA). But, on the other hand, who really gives a fuck about a butt slap, even at a Teen rating…?

    If you compare Cammy’s old and new intros, you can see that they literally sacrifice the intro’s integrity (the dramatic camera angle on her face) JUST to avoid the crotch shot. Same shit here, they’re compromising how the character is seen (either their personality or literally) just to please a bunch of sensitive babies.

    Devs need to grow some god damn balls already, or remember that they actually had a pair at some point.

  • Capcom and Konami are both dead.
    let’s hope there’ll be more kickstarted and “indie” games from japan in the future cause clearly the japanese game industry is going down hill fast!

    Anyways never gonna buy another capcom or konami game.
    I really hope Namco and Sega doesn’t go full retard too.

    well… sega kinda went there but they still give us some good games like (some) total war games, yakuza and Valkyrie series.

    I dunno I feel confused!
    independent game studios is the future i guess?

    Just my opinion tho, cheers.

  • Its not censorship. The creators made the change so that is the true version of the game as of the last update. If the game had been altered after completion by the publisher or another party then THAT would be closer to actual censorship. This is just one of many changes made on the way to the final build.

    • It could be, it could be not.
      And easy example, if you forbid sexual content being show in movies, it efectively makes the creator stop making moovies with that content, because it could actually be banned to sell it instead of censoring those bits, with the loss of money that comes with.
      So actually, it’s censoring what you would make to avoid losses due to censorship. Nice little world we’re living in, huh?

      • No, this isn’t how this works at all. For example, Quentin Tarantino got backlash over how he’s abused the word nigger in his films, and you know what he did? He not only kept doing what he was doing, but then he made a slave movie!

        Italian groups hated shows like the Sopranos over supposed negative stereotypes of Italians, and that is still one of the most beloved TV shows of all time.

        I think SF V is the most sexed-up games of the series, but I don’t think the sexiness will hurt it one bit. In fact, I think the full butt staying in wouldn’t have hurt, either.

  • In school, they make us appreciate art. By making us look at nude paintings made by famous dead artists. Now even cleavages and butt slaps are considered as taboo… I do not get how society runs.

  • Bunch of drama queens in here. This stuff happens all the time to games in development. Capcom is hardly the only one to do so. You just don’t know it, because it usually happens without the gaming public ever finding out. You’d hate every gaming company on the planet if you knew how many games are altered during development to please the various ratings boards around the world.

    • That would’ve been a reasonable argument maybe 5 years ago, before all the social justice bullshit flooded the world. But now, we’re practically REQUIRED to assume that developers are making changes to please such groups, rather than by their OWN volition.

      • Look here shitlord. We have to make this a safe space for everyone. All these scantily clad women with gorgeous bodies are triggering me, because I’m a strong and brave “fat and proud” trans woman. People who like this shit should go to jail. If you disagree with me, you’re a racist sexist homophobe, which makes sense because you’re obviously a cisgendered white male.

        and N

  • Ono is full of shit, but it was someone else who brought up the T-rating. It says so in the article you linked.

    The whole thing is bullshit. I hate Mika and I don’t care about her buttslap, but it pisses me off that they’re making stupid changes for the purpose of catering to people who aren’t even going to buy the game.

  • Ono is full of shit, but it was someone else who said the T-rating BS. It says so in the Niche Gamer article.

    The whole thing is fucking bullshit anyway. I hate Mika and I don’t care about butt slap, but it pisses me off they’re changing shit for stupid reasons, ie. to appeal to assholes who aren’t even going to buy the game.

  • You guys are finally reporting on this story?

    I still find it funny that the butt slap was too much, but Chun-Li’s sexy alt, Laura’s giant tits on the character screen, and R.Mika’s outfit is still okay.

    They’re hypocrites.

  • I doubt that would have bumped it to a M rating, but I assume it would have been bumped to a C or D rating in Japan. The Street Fighter series has always maintained a B rating with CERO, with the exception of MvC3 which earned a C rating possibly due to Felicia.

    • I agree. There’s people out there who don’t care about this type of censorship and claim it’s not a big deal and we should “grow up”, but then will complain when a certain feature in the game that they care about gets censored. Bunch of hypocrites. Censorship like this should never be tolerated.

      • I mean…it could still be rated T just look at Blazblue; plug suits, under boob, jiggle physics I mean this is Japan lol. The ones who are complaining are the ones who haven’t seen this kind of thing in fighting games. You expect girls to dress like Chun-li and that’s it? It’d be boring. Sex sells whether it’s in a video game or a movie. If you hate this kind of “partial nudity” in a video game no less, then don’t buy it. But change it? Nah, the complainers are waisting their time because the company is losing the money from the people who DO like the sexy stuff in fighting games, whether it’s a completely naked guy like Seth or R. Mika slapping her butt cheeks. Don’t like, don’t buy, but don’t change the product for “those” people. New fans will only get you so much money till the point the play the game once and set it down. Just ignore the complaints. Just my option though.

        • tell them stupid femnazis to grow up first, those stupid “princess” wannabe´s think the whole fucking world has to revolt around them.


    • You’re so way off base. It’s not censorship if you change the the content yourself, under no outside pressure. Yes, there is self-censorship, but I can’t count this as that, because you can see R Mika’s ass ALL THE TIME in this game. Because you don’t see it close up for a second isn’t a call for boycott. She’s ridiculously dressed, and that’s awesome considering the times we live in.

      • fear of public backlash, and wanting a specific rating from an outside group is social pressure, and that is an outside pressure. Even if they say the process was internal it was ultimately an external force that lead them to “their decision”. Also be it from a google search or the oxford dictionary this is quite literally self-censorship.

        • TheOhFaSho83 says:

          You’re a moron, and what pull they have is quite obvious. They can hurt localized sales and take out a huge chunk of a game’s profits, thereby hurting the developer’s business. If you’re actually stupid enough to assume that localized sales turning to shit won’t, can’t, shouldn’t or doesn’t hurt a company’s bottom line profits, well then just ask SEGA. I’m SURE THEY’LL agree with you about that being nothing more than just a conspiracy. Oh and there’s more, you dingbat. This sexual witch hunt going in video games? Rewind the clock 20 or so years. And back then, it was all about the violence. And the stink they made back then forced censorship of a LOT of games. Remember the whole “no blood, no fatalities” censorship controversy surrounding the SNES port of Mortal Kombat? Does that SOUND like the result of a conspiracy theory to you? Westerners are spoiled, entitled douchebags. They know they can bitch about being offended by something enough and it WILL change. And it’s happened to everything from religious symoblism to blood/gore/violence to sex to profane language over the years. You REALLY need to do your research. These SJWs are really no different than the “concerned parents” 20 years ago who bitched about everything from Doom to Mortal Kombat to Night Trap. Do you need some sort of reminder of the sorta damage THOSE asshats wreaked on the industry? This wouldn’t even be a debate if not for them. Because without them, there’d be no such thing as a T, M or AO rating. Why? Because there’d be no ESRB. But you’re so stupid, you’ll completely dismiss what I said simply I didn’t hold your hand and be nice to you when I said it. Sorry, I can’t be nice to blind idiots. “The localization team doesn’t run shit.” Spoken like a true idiot. Localization teams, whether developer or company, can run a company into the ground. Never forget that it was SEGA of America demanding the Saturn and Dreamcast to hit the market BEFORE the PS1/PS2 that caused those consoles’ demises. That bad localizations and piss poor censored ports hurt sales more than bad reviews ever did. Educate yourself.

        • That’s a ridiculous thing to say “There’s tits and ass all over this game, but they moved the camera up an inch, so the whole game’s forfeit.”

          It makes me wonder if people who say this were ever going to buy the game in the first place.

          I bet Capcom Japan doesn’t even know what the fuck SJW means. They just have a certain line they felt like they shouldn’t cross. Street Fighter has never been the game that you come to for extreme cheescake. That’s DOA’s territory.

        • The very definition of Censorship it to alter content to keep from offending somebody.

          THe company thought they migght offended somebody so they altered it. And it was a shit job at that. They just moved the camera up. Might as well just throw a stupid black censor bar over her ass for that one little scene. The fact is with all the other sexualization in the game it was a stupid move that just pissed of a bunch of fan. Cammy’s intro too.
          Damn straight i’m not buying this game now. Fuck them and their BS. There’s plenty of other fighting games coming out that don’t cave to SJW.

        • Well, your 12 year old insults have certainly convinced me.

          What SJWs would be in localization, and what pull could they have over the content? They can make all the stink they want, but the localization team doesn’t run shit. It’s hard to conjure conspiracy theories, isn’t it, buddy?

    • The product hasn’t been altered because it has yet to exist as a product. It’s still in development.

      You might be able to argue that you, personally, would never support an artistic work in which the artist(s) has made compromises, but companies aiming for certain ESRB ratings is a practice as old as the ESRB (the same for rating movies G, PG, etc.). Some companies even through “objectionable” content in just to push the rating up, a process sometimes referred to as “fifteening”. Do reject those products too?

    • For crying out loud, the game is still in development. It’s not censorship when the game is still in active development. This is completely different than something like changing a game from one region to the next, like what Nintendo did with Fatal Frame and Xenoblade X. Games go through development changes like what is happening with Street Fighter V all the time. That’s not censorship.

      • The game was originally “sexualized” in one instance and was blatantly edited so that this wouldn’t be the case. That’s them censoring themselves and if you don’t see how that’s censorship then you’re naive. There are different ways to censorship presents itself.

        It’s not like they re-did R Miku’s move so that she’s simply not slapping her butt and the fact remains that this was something they designed and implemented but went against it because they didn’t want to upset people.

        Similarly, they knew what they were doing when they gave Cammie a camera angle that highlighted her crotch but again the edited that out really badly.

        And then there was the Chun-Li bug where on player had breast physics on the player select whereas the other didn’t. I’m willing to bet that the actual glitch was the player not having the bouncing.

        The real problem is with the people who don’t see the problem with this. I’ll highlight it for you. The problem isn’t what they’ve censored, the problem is the practice of censorship. I don’t care that they removed the breast slider in Xenoblade Chronicles X, I care that they felt the need to change their product to appease a part of our society who are too sensitive.

      • Right…

        So when Christian moralists (and lately the regressive leftist/feminist moralists) have forced industries (comics, movies, games, etc) to adapt various rating systems and similar that economically punish refusal to kowtow to the moralist – expressively for the purpose of making the content creators adapt to the moralists ideologies and political agendas – it’s not censorship?

        Because the companies are still free to choose between releasing a game the way they want it and get a rating that loses them a shit ton of money, or change it so it adopts the moralists values?

        No sorry – that shit is still censorship. It might not be the hard kind of censorship that directly impedes anyone’s right to free speech, but the rating systems that in practice put heavy economic punishment on those who refuse to compromise with their artistic vision with the moralists sensibilities is in practice a system that enforces a soft censorship on the industry.

      • Censorship usually occurs when games are in development.

        “So we can’t have something in the game that makes people think, “This is not acceptable.””

        “Self-censorship can also occur in order to conform to the expectations of the market. For example, the editor of a periodical may consciously or unconsciously avoid topics that will anger advertisers, customers, or the owners in order to protect her or his livelihood either directly (i.e., fear of losing his job) or indirectly (e.g., a belief that a book will be more profitable if it does not contain offensive material).”

      • yes it is. Call it creator changes or whatever but I’ll (we’ll) call it censorship.

        “Oh but its just a butt slap/crotch shot (Cammy was censored too), you’re pathetic if you won’t buy the game because of that”
        “Lynlee is 13 you sick pedo! good for nintendo removing her bikini”

        and? They are not real, they are fictional characters, not living people. Also SFV and the other games are not a necessity they are a luxury. If I don’t agree with what [insert company] is doing then I have the right to not buy it, they need my money but I don’t need SFV right this second.

        If capcom/whoever else wants to pander to the moralfags/soccer moms/sjws/whateverthe fucktheycallthemselves then cool, take away my fanservice and I’ll give my cash to someone who understands I like that stuff unaltered.

        Another thing to point out is if we don’t tell them how much we do not approve of these edits then the censorship will not only get worse but it may last for decades, even become permanent. Soon we won’t be allowed to sell shit with the explicit level of custer’s revenge if we let these “holier than thou” assholes put us down just because we like stuff that most of society disapproves of.

        I still plan on getting Street Fighter V but used around $15 and I’m doing that fight money thing for the extra characters because capcom isn’t getting a dime from me.

        • I guess you had to do a “clever” play on my name for some reason. It’s a screenname based on a cartoon character as it is. Making fun of it is like making a sitcom about a sitcom.

          Then you TL;dr me. I guess you expected me to read all that? I caught the gist. You’re all mad that you got revisions of the same game. You know why Capcom does that? Because people pay for it. Because there’s a market for it. SF IV, even though, yes, I agree that multiple versions, within such a small time especially silly, but people keep paying for them, so gamers are partly to blame for Capcom’s practices. If you don’t want it to happen, don’t PAY Capcom to do it.

          I bet you owned all the versions of SF IV, didn’t you?

        • TheOhFaSho83 says:

          Hey YotardVegetable, let me explain to you how common sense works. Do you even comprehend the level of animosity Capcom gained themselves amongst their own fans for the debacle that was Street Fighter IV? Let’s go back 25 years, ok? When Street Fighter II was one of the biggest games on the planet, the fanbase was clamoring for Street Fighter III. What did we get? Street Fighter II. Again. But we held on hope. And then we got Street Fighter II. Again. By this point, we were sick of Street Fighter II. And what did Capcom give us? Fucking Street Fighter II. Again. This is how/why SNK managed to gain a level of competition with Capcom. Sure, their games were stiff, cheap, some might argue crap, and over the top. But hey, at least they weren’t Street Fighter II. Oh look, now we have yet another Street Fighter II, this time taking clear and obvious cues from SNK. Capcom wants you to believe Super Turbo had a cult following, but truth was, nobody cared. Nobody gave a damn about Capcom anymore, aside from their belt scrollers, until Darkstalkers and the Marvel games came on the horizon. Then they stuffed Alpha down our throats. Hence the VS series. We were happy to finally get Street Fighter III, but ONE Street Fighter III was enough. You’re conflagrating the point to justify yourself. Capcom made their own bed. Yes, we wanted more Street Fighter. What we DIDN’T want, was more Street Fighter II. Personally, I would have felt the same way about Rival Schools as you described it as I did about Street Fighter, back when I still gave a damn. “Stop dicking around with rereleased updates and give us a legit sequel already, Capcom.” This is what people have actually been saying about the Street Fighter series SINCE the days of Street Fighter II. Did you know people didn’t want Street Fighter IV at first? Not because they didn’t care for the game, because Capcom PROMISED there would only be ONE Street Fighter IV prior to launch. And then they gave Capcom the benefit of the doubt and they played the game. And it was painfully obvious they had lied to us. So when Super Street Fighter IV got announced, nobody was surprised. Pissed? Yes. Surprised? No. Typical Capcom. Hell, speaking from a Street Fighter fan and Capcom fan perspective, Ultra Street Fightrer IV was the overhyped game that nobody wanted. You act like we should have been thankful that Capcom was trying to milk their fanbase with multiple versions of the exact same game, a tactic they’ve been using since the first sequel. Oh and just how many Darkstalkers fans out there do you think actually liked Darkstalkers Chronicle? Think about the fact that it came BEFORE Hyper Street Fighter II, but most fans don’t know that because it was released only in Japan prior to the PSP port. You fail. Everybody wanted legitimate sequels. Nobody wanted this shit. Nice try.

        • TheOhFaSho83 says:

          While I actually agree with your point about Rainbow Mika, I’m more amused by the idea of “a respected, venerable series like Street Fighter” lmfao are you fucking kidding me? If I wanted a respected, venerable series from Capcom, I’d play Rival Schools or Darkstalkers.
          Oh wait, those series don’t exist anymore smh
          All because they’ve been supplanted by Street Fighter, you know, that respected, venerable cash grab with multiple versions of almost every entry. Isn’t that why there’s like 2 Street Fighter Alpha 2s, 5 Street Fighter Alpha 3s, 7 Street Fighter IIs, 4 Street Fighter IIIs and 5 Street Fighter IVs? smdh

        • Interesting thing, nobody cares that in game a man can acutually beat a woman senseless until the can’t get up anymore (yo actually need to do it to win), but showing a buttslap is worth taking out.

        • Nobody cares because there’s nothing wrong with two people fighting in a competition, gender is irrelevant. It’s only relevant when you make it relevant, like putting a girl in floss thin straps and then having her slapping her ass and nipple popping out. I actually liked the ass slap, it’s cute and cheeky. If it was me I’d cover her ass up instead of having such a stupid costume and put the slap back in but that’s just me. But the nipple slip? That’s just stupid and unecessary. It’s the sorta “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!” garbage I’d expect from Mortal Kombat, not a respected, venerable series like Street Fighter.

  • The west (US, UK, etc) should be banned from licensing Japanese video games into their countries until they grow a pair of balls. I swear these days the west is full of the most pussified bitching manginas in the world.

    oh my god, a butt shot? think of the children! think of the feminists! we must censor it! lol. funny how you see even more cleavage from women if you go to any public beach, where toddlers and kids are present. but a video game butt? that’s too far.

    • Okay then, how do you explain Japan censoring genitalia? Or Germany banning anything with blood and guts? This kind of censorship affects everyone after all, but I guess we seem to conveniently ignore that part now don’t we?

      I don’t like censorship as much as the next person and I hate how SJWs get all butthurt over games or anime or whatever else, but if anyone wants to use censorship argument against the West, {America} perhaps you should realize the hypocrisy of it all.

    • Some JP companies have begun admitting they don’t localize stuff because of all the Western BS they’d have to deal with.

      SJWs are going into denial, of course. They say they have no power (BS), that they don’t exist (BS) and that official JP statements are “obviously false” (very BS).

      • Well, certainly Capcom started censoring releases to please the westerners since long time ago (See Final Fight’s issues with Poison & Roxy’s gender and their clothing when hit) and SJW didn’t even know what was a videogame back then… If they actually were born at the time.

        • Thing is, back in the days, it used to be that they had to censor stuff to appease the Christian right with all it’s various “Concerned Mom” organizations, back in the days when people gave a shit about the Christian right and their concerns about rock music, dungeons and dragons – and video games. At the time, most of us were just kids and teenagers and no one gave a shit about us.

          These days, the Christian right have very little power – we grew up and suddenly we’re the guys with jobs, money – and control of this new thing called the “internet” – and suddenly “nerd-hobbies” weren’t Satans temptations but multi-billion dollar industries, while the Christian right today is mostly a laughing stock.

          In a perfect world, this change would allow for some sanity and a cleaning up of all the BS the puritans and moralists forced on us in the 80s and 90s – maybe we could get a golden age of artistic freedom, where among other things Asian stuff could get localized without having all the BS changes… but no – can’t have that.

          Why? Because a bunch of fucking moron teenage leftists moralists with shitty hairdyes – aka SJWS – decided that they’d take ALL of the Christian moralists talking points, add some bullshit gender/race studies theories into the mix, and then whine like babies whenever someone disagreed with them….

          and for some fucking reason the majority of the media have gone along with them, and are supporting them in their quest of turning the whole fucking western world into a “safe space” for their totalitarian regressive moralist bullshit.

  • I would eat my breakfast with a glass full of Mika’s lactation, smother my lunch in her shit, and drool while eating it, swallow bite fulls of my dinner glazed in her cum. I would stick my tongue so far up her ass and taste her insides, and eat everything she secretes when I pull it out. I would finger nipples, and suck my fingers dry of her juices. I would eat the food she chews before she swallows it. I’d wrap her gorgeous pigtails under my asshole, wrap it around my cock, and ejaculate on her food for her to eat. I’d shower in her warm piss, rubbing it all over my body. I’d eat her pussy, and suck her clit during her period. I’ll let her peg me, step on my balls, choke my cock purple, choke hold me, bite my nipples until they bleed, bite my tongue until it bleeds, bite me ears, balls, cock, whatever until it bleeds, beat me black and blue, stick whatever she wants in my urethra, or in my ass. She can do whatever she wants to me, and I’ll love it all.