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  • If only Sega cared enough about Shenmue. Yu Suzuki with his company Ys.net is pretty much making Shenmue 3 on a shoestring budget and seems to be making it work. It shows that it’s possible to create a once incredibly expensive game series on a small budget because technology has advanced since Shenmue 1 & 2 came out, and his team is making Unreal 4 work.

      • It’s not that it sold poorly, it had a massive budget due to all of the work that went into it, including making for the Sega Saturn, the item modelling, Yu Suzukis research trips to China and things like that. He had the entire series plotted out a long time ago.

        Anyway he seems really excited about a certain event that happens in the third main area you visit in the latter half of Shenmue 3, well you know it involves the Chiyoumen but I just hope he has the money to realize his ambition..

        He’s done a few video interviews already and has confirmed the story won’t end on the third game, and it’s entirely likely if the third is successful he’ll be able to fund Shenmue 4 without the need for Kickstarter.