Kizumonogatari CM All About Hanekawa




The luscious Hanekawa has starred as the main focus of Kizumonogatari‘s latest CM, faithfully showing off the intelligent girl’s many charms, but causing some to question why loli vampiress Shinobu wasn’t the main focus considering how vital she is to the movie…

The brief but buxom CM:

Kizumonogatari will consist of 3 films, with the first set to premier on January 8th.

Monogatari’s official website has also announced that a number of anime shorts for Koyomimonogatari will be unleashed on January 9th, debuting on the “Koyomimonogatari” app for iOS and Android.

The shorts will be brief in duration (much like the nature of the novel they are based on) and will not be broadcast on TV, encouraging fans to invest in the app which will launch on December 19th.

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